Tuesday, June 23, 2009

will be down

Hey everyone.

Internet. Family. Remodeling. Writing. All of these things have kept me from blogging too much. Mostly remodeling LOL. We are closer to having my office finished, but even at that, I am loving having a dedicated office, and I know once it is finished, I am going to be groovin.

I have been unable to get to writing since the last time I blogged. I hate that. Had company the past few days and will have company again this weekend. Probably both brothers will be here then. It is a good thing we have space to put them LOL.

So, I will be down and “out of the office” for at least tomorrow, maybe the next day. I received my new computer this afternoon and so I have to get the files all ready to transfer to the new computer when I get it set up tomorrow…and then I have to go through this one and clean it up so mom can start claiming it officially as hers and she can start doing whatever she wants on it. It will be fun (note the sarcasm) to set up the new computer and get the files transferred to it…also get all of my programs on it. But, then I am going to love life. Believe it or not, I am still a bit put out (at the various computers that failed) that I had to buy a new computer. It was definitely not a bill I was anticipating. The thing that sucks…I was just a month from paying off Dell when I had to put this one on the account. Oh well…I will enjoy the new technology even though it was a surprise LOL.

So, if I am gone for a few days, you will know I am under a cyber paperwork pile. My virtual self will be screaming for mercy ;-)

Oh. I have to tell. My purse is dying. It still has a little life in it, but…really, it has given up. I had it decorated how I wanted…with stars and moons and some Nordic runes for certain particular aspects…So I was not looking forward to replacing it…especially where I can’t stand the handbags that are out on the market…ugly colors, ugly styles. I could not find anything. So, just for fun, I decided to look up some Gothic handbags…I had fun then! I found two that I particularly liked. Of course, mom hates them ;-). But, since I am far into adulthood, I don’t need her permission. I told Adelfi that if I was a mother, I wouldn’t care what style my kids wore…as long as it covered them, unlike most of the clothes out right now…at least Gothic covers (for the most part) LOL. So, the two purses I found…one is sort of hexagonal and has silver metal studs all over it, depicting a spider web with a spider. That is the one I bought. The other was a “body” in a straight jacket. Ohhh I wanted that one too. But the spider web one was slightly cheaper…but when I can afford it, you bet your life I will get the straight jacket one too. LOL. I will “attempt” to attach the photos of them. The straight jacket one is from www.howcool.com and the spider web one is from www.obscuria.com

well, guess I better get back to working on files. will appear when I can resurface.



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