Saturday, November 28, 2009

I might have to disappear…

I might have to disappear for a few days, and stay as much away from electrical gadgets…and possibly even books…as I can for two, maybe three days. it depends on how the rest of this day goes.

I have noticed a decline over the past few days in my health. well, not just the past few days, but dramatically over the past few days. especially with having eaten Thanksgiving dinner. My eyes have been bothering me for a few, and I have been trying to ignore them, but it is not working and my tummy…well, It has been being an issue for several weeks now.

My diabetes, however, is being surprisingly mellow. that surprises me.

but my eyes and my tummy…

I have eye damage from the diabetes and it is flared up. when I went last month to the eye doctor, there was more damage…not significant, but more…and it is aggravated right now. and the more I am on the computer, the worse it is getting.

it is so strange. when my eyes get tired, I get after images…I call it the “strobe-light effect.” I can wave my hand (or any movement) and it will leave after images of it for several seconds afterward…it is especially pronounced in the morning and evening and in low-light.  Also you know how if you stare into the sun, or at a lightbulb you get the sun spots in your eyes? they are there in mine all the time now, and I have a hard time seeing around them anymore…some days are worse than others. some days I barely notice them. Then I can also “watch” my vision actually dim. I can watch the light be shut off and everything go almost dark. It is to the point in the evenings that I have to have a lamp and the overhead light on to read. we won’t go into how thick my glasses are even with the feather-weight lenses LOL. So, yes. I am loosing my vision. We don’t know when, but yes, it is something I am going to have to face. And on days like today and the past little while, I wonder if it is going to actually be sooner rather than later.

and my tummy…I decided last night that I am going to have to go on a more liquid diet…not totally liquid, but more of a liquid diet. in order to ease the discomfort, in order to help everything…I cannot go on like this. regardless if surgery is in my near future or not, I am going to have to give up meats. I said I was going to keep it specifically for the big holidays…I can’t. not with how I am feeling yesterday and today. I can’t do it anymore. so easily digested foods, more of a liquid diet. hopefully that will postpone surgery, and not make me suffer as much and make me feel slightly better. because, having to choose daily which meal it is that I am going to eat because my tummy won’t let me eat more than even one *small* meal a day is not a good thing. perhaps if the new pill the doctor just put me on earlier in the week works, then I may be able to revise things a little bit, but for now…nope.

So, if I don’t appear for several days, you know why. I have had to go rest. I have had to go baby this pathetic body of mine….

anybody have a miniature violin they can play for me right now? I think this blog deserves one ROFLMAO

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TTTo - Black Friday

In honor of America's Thanksgiving, I give you today's Tiresome Term Tip-off topic, Black Friday.

Black Friday. What does it bring to mind…something morbid. Something depressing. Something…wrong. At least it does to me. When I first heard the phrase years ago, I thought that it was honoring something catastrophic from our history. You wouldn't believe my shock when I learned that it was supposed to be something positive instead. The day after Thanksgiving when the stores throw the biggest sales of the year to put themselves in the "black" and out of the "red." When they get themselves out of debt…hopefully.

When I first heard that, I was astounded. They had a term for it? They named a day after it? What happened to the good old-fashioned term, "Day-after Thanksgiving Sales"? What happened to the feel-good values? When did it turn from having fun to "Let's get the bottom dollar!" it is still mayhem. It is still chaos. Why did they have to change the terminology? It changed the feel of the day…for me at least. Because, for me, Black Friday has the feel of something depressing.

Black, to me, is not anything depressing. I love the color. But, usually when it is termed with a day like this, it is not in a good way. I never did understand the whole "black" and "red" concept of keeping books either…but that is neither here nor there. I am not a mathematical person. Using it as much as I do with my diabetes is way too much LOL.

If we have to move away from the "Day after Thanksgiving Sales" at least come up with something more positive…something friendlier…than "Black Friday."

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Every time I hear it in the news, I expect to hear a tragic story with it…and, honestly, anymore there usually is a tragic story with it…people getting killed in the mad rush of the crowds, children getting lost, robberies, etc. It is no wonder that I associate Black Friday with negativity. Media…Companies…come up with something else. Think positive. Think. Use your brains. There are better terms out there. You just have to find them. You do know how to think, don't you? Sometimes I wonder anymore.

Can you tell I am just the slightest bit disgusted? :P

And on that note…have a Happy Thanksgiving, and try to survive the *grimace* Black Friday ;)


**None of these topics are meant to be aimed at anyone in particular. Some of them may touch a nerve, and I am sorry if they do, but these are my views. I am even guilty of using some of these and am trying to improve myself in regards to them. Besides, if we can’t laugh at some of the words/phrases we use, then this world is indeed too sad a place to be.**


**disclaimer: writer I am, writer I will always be. But spelling I never claimed to own. There will always be spelling errors, even with the aid of spell checkers. Unless I employ 20 proof-readers, and if I do that, you will never get to see these blogs…so, guess you will have to put up with the spelling errors….or do what I do. Blame it on the Typo-Fae and say the spelling errors occurred en-route ;-)**

Just making the gods laugh…

I swear that is what my last two days have been all about. Monday started out awkward to begin with. I had so much to do, but just couldn't get my engine's revved. They no matter what I did…they just didn't want to go.

But I worked. I did what I had to do, regardless.

Part of what I tried to do was create a Facebook fanpage. (the address is pretentious huh? ;) I love it *snicker*

Yeah, that was an experience.

If you were following me that day, although I didn't chatter much, I did talk about what was going on. But if you weren't, here is what happened.

I had heard you could turn your profile into a fanpage as well as a profile. But for the life of me, I could not figure out how to do that. I looked and looked and looked. I searched help…but couldn't figure it out. So I decided to create a whole new profile just for my fan page.

Well, since I already had "Cherry Dumas" for my profile page, I decided to go with "Cherry Dumas Enchantment of the Mind dot Com" for the the second profile. So I started to create it. Well, then I saw that I could just create it as a fan page direct and link it to my existing profile. That's what I did.

So I kept the fan page private while I put all of the information on there. When I got everything done, I put it public. So far, so good right? Right.

I did a search for the page to make sure you could find it, and guess what I found? A fan page under my profile name as well as the Fan page that I had just created. Well damn! Some time or another I had started to create a fan page, but since I didn't make myself a fan of that earlier page, I lost it and evidently I was so new to facebook, I didn't know how to find it again, and then totally forgot about it.

So then I had two fan pages. Now what? I decided to delete the new page, because I would much rather have the page with just my name. But…I guess I was still having a bad day, because I could not figure out where to delete the page at. And every time I tried to go to the help section, it was down. By this time I was getting very frustrated.

So, I said "Screw it. I will keep both of them." So, I tried to keep all three of my pages updated…ha! After just a couple of hours of it, my head hurt so bad…and the thought kept echoing in my head of "how pretentious!" I decicded to do a fan page mostly so that people could get just updates on my writing if they didn't want to wade through my gaming and health and other stuff if they didn't want to. Because that is all that will go on that page, is just writing….I think. Maybe other updates. But the main reason was so it would not be littered with the vamp wars stuff.

Finally I checked one more time, and saw the help section was up. I looked to see how to delete the fan page…and it was so easy, I couldn't believe I didn't see how to do it earlier.

I swear I should not be allowed to do anything on the internet at times.

So, I went to blog about it and my computer freaked out so bad then froze…I shut it down before I blew something up.

However, I did type up about 6 blogs or so for posting at later dates…

That was Monday.

Moving on to Tuesday.

Tuesday started out great! It really did.

I completed two short chapters in Mu Mysteries (you will be getting both on the 1st since they are both short…two for the price of one, as an early Christmas present hehe). plus almost 2000 words in Underhill…with the combined writing in the two stories…about 5000 words, or there abouts…I didn't fully tally, so it is a guesstimation.

Also, my new laptop arrived. So I thought, this day will go great…much improved over yesterday.

This is when the gods really laughed.

I went to the doctors about my tummy. Well…the news wasn't good at all. I won't go into the details. Needless to say, food is pretty much a thing of the past. And I am on yet another ultra expensive medication to add to my already extensive cocktail.

And to top it off, when we got home from the doctors, I fell and banged up my knee pretty good.

As I am writing this, it is officially Wednesday. It is 12:14 AM Wednesday morning. We will see if the gods are through laughing yet or not…

Monday, November 23, 2009

Character Blogs’ Schedule

Wow…OK…so it looks like the new schedule for the character blogs’ will will have to be revised…again. I thought alternating them on different days would work so it didn’t look like they were writing every day; so “they” wouldn’t run out of things to say (not likely!), and so they would have less chance of spilling something important…well, it is not working.

“They” went from talking every day, and talking a little too much, to barely talking at all. Even in the books. The only ones still talking loudly are the Greek’s…and they don’t have blogs! I think I offended the vampires/Fae and the Atlantean’s/Lemurian’s!

So, time to try a new schedule.

let’s see…how about at least every 2 days for them…no, I know. Better yet! Missy and Dom and Shashanna can talk one day, and Allorana and Rita can talk the next.

Allorana and Shashanna are not too important if they overlap their talking on the same day, at least, at this stage ;), but that might change hehe.

But with Missy, Dom and Rita…that is a different story. This way, Dom can post, Missy, then the next day Rita…and we can still have the interaction.

That work for you? I think it will work just fine for me!

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