Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That much time already?

So, yeah. This was supposed to have been written months ago, but every time I think about writing a blog, I start composing it in my head and then I forget all about posting it…heck, about even writing it! *laugh* I am bad, I know.

About the Halloween story…let’s just say it was getting to real even for me. So I put it to the by-way and will think what to do with what I had done of it…but there was no way I was going to finish it to post for Halloween. For some reason it wanted to be written very gorily, and too real. Not usually my style. I do like to make things somewhat gory and real…only somewhat though, and of course it depends on what the story is about, but this one went way over the top. And where the subject was cannibalism…yeah. it was put away *laugh* sorry I never did a story.

Lately, when I have felt good enough to do so, I have been working on the revisions my editor wants for Into the Forest. With how I have been feeling, it is being a very slow process. I wish that it was faster, and I wish I felt better…but I work with what I get, right?

One thing I wish is that I could plug a word processor right into my brain. Things always seem to compose in my head really really well, but the minute that I start to type, I forget what I had composed…or it doesn’t even get started on at all. I think my brain is interpreting the composition of items in my mind as actually doing them, and then it decides to wipe itself clean for the next go round. *sigh* frustrating.

Oh, I am also thinking of doing away with my twitter accounts and the blog’s for my characters. As much as I enjoyed doing them, I haven’t done anything on them in forever, and I am not feeling well enough to do them in the foreseeable future, so I might just decide to bag them. Much like what happens to most of what I do *eye roll* *laugh*

Anyway, that is all for now. Laters! (hopefully sooner rather than later *laugh*)

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