Friday, October 16, 2009

sick and no sleep, do I dare edit?

so, I have come down with something. who knows what. this is the first time in I don’t know when that I have come down with something this bad…usually when I don’t feel good, it is my diabetes. usually when I get sick, I can take some cold medicine and it blows over in a few hours…but this time, it is deep in my lungs. Of course, in the past, I have not had to deal with asthma. that might be a contributing factor with the cold/flu season. But man, oh man, my chest is killing me, it feels like a steel band around the lower portion of my ribs and every second it is getting tighter.

Because of it, because I am not used to this kind of sick, I did not sleep at all. ok, I did sleep. I fell asleep at 6:30 PM and woke up at 9 and was wide awake from then on. so I guess I did get a little bit LOL.

I did get a bit of the editing done last night, but I have a bit more to do. I have been playing on Facebook to distract myself. and it has worked…to a point. I noticed I have been a bit whiney. So I put a “WHINEY R US” as one of my status messages LOL.

I was thinking that I could possibly try working on the edits. maybe. I am going to go grab me a glass of water to pop some Tylenol to help with the fever and the chest/back pain and see if I can work and have words make sense.

Do I dare? It may be interesting what will come out LOL. Luckily I am at the stage of editing where I am running it through WhiteSmoke and through Word and not manually. Aren’t you glad of that. I already did the initial of that. After WhiteSmoke and then Word, I will run it manual one last time and then PDF it again. I am also rerunning the previous chapters, cause, honestly, I did not do it before. at least, not as thoroughly as I am now. I did a little manual, and Word…but not to the extent that I am now. So, it will (hopefully) be a little more seamless when I re-upload them.

One good thing, we hard-wired the internets, so we are off of wi-fi, and things are running a bit smoother. It seems that we have put a stop to the internet thievery…the weekend will be the big tell on that.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yay! except getting the editing done on it, Chapter 3 of Mu Mysteries is finished. So, like I said, I just need to edit it and then I can upload it.

I will be gone all day tomorrow, Hopefully I will be able to get the editing of it done tomorrow when I am home though. if not, then definitely Thursday. I am aiming for…depending on internet…on having Chapter 3 uploaded by Monday. Wouldn’t that be nice? I know I will be happy. I am going to go hop in the shower, then come work a bit on The Prank, and then go back to Mu Mysteries if my brain is not mush by that time. I am amazed at how much I have gotten done the last two days. I haven’t had this good of productivity for quite some time….

Children! Especially precocious ones!

So, I sat down and had a little talk with Allorana about my plans with Mu Mysteries and this is what we came up with. She is a child. and yes, she is more advanced than the typical child, especially during that age, and she will know more, she needs to be a child. and I am going to let her have some fun, but she needs trust me to know that I know what to do. Of course, she is not happy, cause I have some plans for her that she is going to have to do some more suffering, and she does not like that. what child would like to hear she is going to have to suffer? But, I did promise her, that if things works out right, the rewards will be worth it, and I will let her have her way once in a while. Besides, she can’t be on stage all the time, I do have to work with her mom just as much. It is not just her story. Yes, you can imagine the pout I got for that as well. LOL. Children. Especially too-intelligent children. No wonder I am making her suffer LOL.

I think I am more sadistic than I realized. I think it is a good thing I will never be a mother. My nieces will testify to that. Especially my oldest niece, I torture her enough as is LOL.

So, I have new tentative plot outline. my plots are very fluid, or rather, I should say my plot outlines are very fluid. I don’t like to pin them down too much, cause then I run into the problem of trying to conform them when they don’t want to conform and then I just have a whole mess on my hand.

But, thanks to a few more tarot reads, I know where I am going and know how I am going to get there. I think. I will know more when I actually sit down and get the writing started. I need to make a phone call, and then dinner, and then I will do a little writing this evening.

I did something last night that I usually don’t do. about 8 last night I came back into the office and worked on tarot readings toward the plot and trying to get Allorana to spill her guts until almost 2 in the morning. it is a very rare occurrence that I do something like that. not just with the plot, or the tarot, but with staying up that late working. I just couldn’t settle down last night until I worked out what Allorana wanted…and I still had a little more to do today.

Now Shashanna…I left her in a state of panic, but I know where she is going. At least, at this point. I may have to pin her down in a a chapter or two, but for now, I know where she is going. She seems, so far, to work with me better. Course, she is not a precocious 7-yr-old LOL. Anyone would be easier than that ROFL.

So, now, on to the phone call, then dinner, then I can work, and who knows, I may actually be able to work on The Prank tonight as well. The creative energy seems to be flowing well today…


**disclaimer: writer I am, writer I will always be. But spelling I never claimed to own. There will always be spelling errors, even with the aid of spell checkers. Unless I employ 20 proof-readers, and if I do that, you will never get to see these blogs…so, guess you will have to put up with the spelling errors….or do what I do. Blame it on the Typo-Fae and say the spelling errors occurred en-route ;-)**

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mu Mysteries update #2

So, I ended up pulling out the Tarot cards to get to where I need to be so I can start working on Mu Mysteries again. I need to do one more small reading to get just a little more information if Allorana doesn’t want to spill the beans, but at least I know now where I am fighting her…I wasn’t being too clear on a certain area of why the Atlantean’s wanted her, and because of that, she didn’t want to play nice with them, or me. children.

But, if I can break time to work tomorrow…if I can get some quiet time that is, I might actually make some good progress on it, and I might be able to revise that timeline that I posted earlier. we will see. we will see….



“It is the nature of those with power to ever seek more until there is nothing left but the choice of being defeated or being destroyed. Even you may one day be tempted.” - Koeos

Koeos – God, Lemurian god of Intelligence and Deep Searching Questions, (Taken from Koeos, the Greek Titan God) – Mu Mysteries)

Mu Mysteries update

ok so I am stuck. I have barely had time to work on Mu Mysteries, and the spot where I had to leave off, well…it is not working out so good. I know where I want to go with it, but Allorana is being a little brat. she wants to act older than she is, and she wants to know things she shouldn’t know yet…practical things that she has not been exposed to yet. yes, she knows the impractical, the intangible. she is beyond her years with that. but she is being a little precocious with the tangible. she wants to know what she shouldn’t know, what she has not been told, what she has not been shown, and what she has not been exposed to. I keep trying to slow her down, but she refuses to listen to me. for instance, she wants to already know her relationship with the people of Atlantis, yet she has not been given that information yet. slow down girl. grrr. I am trying. I am. I may have to put her in a time out. LOL. I keep having to remind her she is only seven. but you know how children are. always wanting to know and be older than they are.

So, since I am already this far behind schedule, I will plan on posting this chapter the beginning of November. I was hoping to have it posted by now, but with all of the appointments I have had, and Allorana’s stubbornness, it is proving a little later than I originally planned. I am hoping that once I can get Allorana to behave, I will be able to get a few chapters ahead and stay at least a few chapters ahead…here’s hoping LOL


**disclaimer: writer I am, writer I will always be. But spelling I never claimed to own. There will always be spelling errors, even with the aid of spell checkers. Unless I employ 20 proof-readers, and if I do that, you will never get to see these blogs…so, guess you will have to put up with the spelling errors….or do what I do. Blame it on the Typo-Fae and say the spelling errors occurred en-route ;-)**

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