Friday, June 12, 2009


P.S. I have to share this. This is my current favorite quote from Rob Thurman’s book Deathwish.

this is said by a puck to a half-human/half-Auphe (elf). (kinda-sorta paraphrased…don’t want to get the book out to give the exact quote)

"…Chedda-pet. A chedder-based life-form that has a thick and luxorious fur coat…”


Odd stories

LOL I love this. I feel bad for those involved, but this just hits my funny bone just right.

150 miles (give or take) from Forks Washington, a middle school boy claims to have been attacked by a vampire. According to what I heard on the news…granted, I don’t watch, just listen occasionally…the boy claims that a schoolmate bit him in a vampire attack. The girls parents say she just gave him a hug, and there was no biting involved, and the school is verifying that she hugged him, but “cannot” comment if there was biting involved.

What tickles me the most about this is, regardless if the girl did bite the boy or not, they are acting like this is the first accusation of a vampire attack…and are saying it is worthy of Stephenie Meyer.

Sheesh…will people get a life? I fully believe that there are vampires among us, and werewolves, and other shifters and creatures that walk in the shadows and such…but come on…**eye roll**

This second story, my Adelfi told me…

evidently, there was an industrial accident in the plant that makes Slim Jim beef jerky…

According to what I heard, there were over 30 people injured and several missing. missing. I hope they have found the missing by now…LOL. I am not making light of what happened…but there is some humor to be found here…

Slim Jim’s…think about it. The product is called Slim Jim…does that mean it is going to be Slim Ralph, or Slim George, or Slim Juan? LOL. ALERT! We have a Ms. Lovett’s Meat Pies incident! Like my dad said, Jim was only the first….**insert evil laugh** LOL

Ok…I am off to see what odd dream’s my whacky sense of humor is going to give me tonight. Tomorrow is Saturday…the weekend’s are usually noisy here…We live in a very rural area…very rural. considering we live on a mountain. not by a mountain, but on one…and so those that have cabin’s around think they can come up on weekend’s and do whatever they want.

One thing that always gets me is, people go to cabins to get away from the city…but yet, they almost always bring citified things with them…they blast their music so you can hear it miles away, they bring TV’s and radio’s and the such…they blast their stereo’s in their vehicles…They claim to come up to get away from the city, but it is more, they come up to do (try) to do things they would never be allowed to do in the city…too bad for them my dad police’s the hill and shuts people down when they do things like that. And it is a good thing that we know the cops around here very well. LOL. The ones that piss me off the most is those that think they can come up here to shoot their guns…especially when they are drunk. **sigh** I have nothing against people using guns…in the right circumstances, but shooting just to shoot where they have no idea what is around…animals or humans…that is wrong. Personally, I am a sword person. I likey my sharps. I wish I could afford a good, high-quality sword. All of mine are just for looks…they are all just cheap stainless steel and none will retain a sharp edge…of course, those that are close to me say its a good thing they don’t retain edges for my own good LOL. If you can be injured by it, I can do it…I mean, who else can get a sliver (like a splinter sliver) from an onion? LOL.

Ok, ok. I am out of here. I am getting more and more loopy, you guys don’t need to witness it ;-) hehe

Goodnight all!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

what a day

All last night I was in the place of barely asleep, but not yet conscious. I did not have a good nights sleep at all, and all day, my brain has felt like someone was in there with a hook scrambling the brain, and my skull hurt in the forehead and along the base of the skull where the skull and cartilage meet…it felt like things were tearing back there all day. It is still the same, but has let up a little bit. But regardless of that, I had to get online long enough to order my dad a new computer from Dell. I have had a lot of luck with Dell…of course, knowing computers helps. I will never but Sony computers again. I have had 2 and both kept dying and/or parts get going out because of the amount of dust they attract. That was what my dad’s computer was, a Sony. Already we have had to replace CD-Rom’s 3 times in it…so 6 CD-Rom’s, and 2 power supplies. The power supply went out early this morning again. We vacuum the computers at the vents at least once a week, and open the case and vacuum things out at least every few months…but when I opened the case this morning, the dust was so thick in there, it didn’t look like we had ever vacuumed it out. The dust gets so thick in them that just using canned air does nothing. My Dell’s have never gotten that bad. Never. So, I put up my old computer (now mom’s) for dad to use while his new one is being built and shipped, and I took out all of the parts from the dead computer to keep for spare’s and whatnot. I am also keeping the case in case I ever get to the point that I can afford to built my own computer. One of these days I will…that way it will have everything I want. Of course, after having customized dad’s new computer, I am having computer envy. This computer is just over a year old, and it is great, for the most part, but things have upgraded so much in the past year, that building dad’s computer I was like “Oh! I want that! I want this!”…when I have some extra cash, I just may have to upgrade some components in this computer again LOL. Computer envy…one of the few things that I get jealous of. I will stick with Dell…of course, my adelfi and her mom didn’t have too much luck when they bought their very first desktop and adelfi a new laptop just this past month or so from Dell…but, and I don’t mean this in a disparaging way, but adelfi doesn’t know very much about the internal’s of a computer…she gets by, sometimes barely, with just operating one, and her mom has never had a computer before. And, of course, they didn’t consult me when they bought their computers…so they didn’t get a few things that they needed….like a modem in either computer when they are on dial-up. LOL. So I told them, next time to consult me ;-) hehehe. But, as for me. My body hurts from being on the floor switching what internal things I could in the computer’s and dismantling the rest. and I won’t even mention my head. But I had to talk about the computer. I am going to go try to get comfy in bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. This week has been exceedingly hard on me health-wise…

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

need a body transplant

I don’t think I will be doing anything today. today is a bad day. my whole body hurts. I have a migraine. my asthma is being a brat. I am having a hard time seeing, and my eyes hurt. The only thing that is behaving right now is my blood sugars are actually only 116. amazing. LOL. I need to get away from the computer. I might be back sometime *sigh*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

who wants to develop a new computer gadget?

What I need is a gadget that will plug my brain right into the computer, especially Microsoft Word, so that it types directly from my thoughts and I don’t have to struggle to remember what I wanted to say. What? I’m sure someone out there can do it! LOL. I hate it. I will have these wonderful thoughts during the middle of the night, especially in dreams, but either I can’t wake myself up, or I can’t convince myself to get up long enough to write the thoughts down. I would love to have some of my dreams directly translated into words instead of the piece here or the piece there that I can remember. So, it would be wonderful if the computer could receive the signal to write down these dreams and thoughts as I have them. LOL.

I had the coolest dream yesterday early morning. my adelfi and I were fighting every kind of monster imaginable…from dinosaurs to dragons, from wizards to Hydra’s, from criminals to harpies and medusa’s. from insect people. rabid dogs. everything that can be fought, we fought. And we had the most awesome weapons. It was such a cool dreams. I loved it. But, to try to write the exact details…nope. I remember small segments or the idea of what happened, but I don’t have the exact details. Some dreams I remember so detailed…but not that many.

So, see? I need to have a brain-computer hookup LOL. Especially to detail things like the moves adelfi and I were using to fight these creatures.


guess nobody is going to take me up on this. *pout* I thought ya’ll loved me! ;-)

my brain is so sluggish this morning. I am in my sleep mode of needing around 12 hours of sleep or more. I hate these periods.

What happens is I will be sleeping my usual 8-10 hours of sleep, then the hours decrease until I spend a couple of nights awake. then I will go toward sleeping more and more until I sleep 12+ hours, for a couple of weeks then I will go back to my normal sleep habit for a few months and it starts all over again. Even with meds to help regulate my sleep, my body still does this. I hate it. When I don’t sleep at all, my body feels so odd, like it is just buzzing with electricity (more so than normal) and my already low core body temperature drops even more. Normally it is about 75, but when I go into my sleepless pattern, it lowers to about 69. Try convincing doctors that when I have a normal temperature of 98.6, I am actually feverish LOL. then when I get into my very sleepy modes (which I am now in), my brain gets very sluggish and I have to struggle to pull each word from my brain to write. It is very tedious and frustrating. the funny part is most of the time, when I am in the sleepless mode, I do my most writing. Describing my sleep to doctors, they have wondered about my mood, but other than anxiety and depression, I don’t have any other mood problems. the sleep problem is more physical than mental. and we are not sure the cause of it.

oh well.

Oh cool! I just got notification than my Greek teaching program and book has been shipped. I hope this is going to be effective. at least enough that I can get by with having some things Greek in the Hubris series. I need to look for one for Irish…but I have to wait until next month to even think about picking it up. *pout*

guess I better not put off trying to get something productive done today. we’ll see how effective it is when I have finished wringing my brain LOL.

Monday, June 8, 2009

missing a week

ok. now this is embarrassing. not really, but kinda-sorta. if you get my drift. Got up early this morning to get ready to go to the dentist. Look at my clock and it said June 8th. ok, that’s fine. Yesterday mom was complaining that the milk was going to expire today, and her, dad and I got into a debate where dad and I said milk is good for a week after the date. Even the Early Show said it. Mom disagrees and wants to throw the milk away. Nope. That is 2 gallons of milk. So I get the milk out to have our breakfast and it says the 13th on it. So I told mom that it was not up yet. and she goes, then why are you going to the dentist today? I said it is the 8th. she says, no the appointment is on the 15th. ummm…where did that week go? I swear today was supposed to be the dentist…even dad thought so. but we checked different clocks/calendar’s and sure enough…today is the 8th, not the 15th, and I don’t go to the dentist for another week. That would have pissed dad and I off if we had driven an hour to go to the dentist to find out I was a week early LOL. So dad can concentrate on his projects…and I get to go at least another week with my mouth suffering. but at least we didn’t go today LOL. Now the question is, what to do today. My uncle and aunt (my dad’s sister) is up and my uncle will be using dad’s computer for like 4 hours today, so I know I won’t get any work on writing or writing-related stuff…so, what to do…what to do.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

dentist tomorrow

I am having mixed feelings about going to the dentist tomorrow. I hate dentists…well, not the dentists themselves, but sitting in that chair. And, add to the mix, this is a totally brand new dentist. If it is the building I am suspecting they are in, they have a whole new facility though, so that will be nice. I know this is weird to say, especially at 32, but I hope they do not give me grief about wanting dentures. I just cannot stand the pain in my mouth anymore. every tooth hurts, and the ones that are cracked or broken hurt the worst. I discovered yet another crack last night. I know these teeth are a big part of all of my ill-health. Not all of it, but it is a big contributing factor. I have a feeling that they will try to talk me into just having the teeth repaired…which in the long run, won’t be effective and also cost more money. I am tired of putting out all the money to keep fixing teeth that refuse to stay good. So, we will see what tomorrow brings. The only part that I am not looking forward to on getting dentures, is having all of my teeth pulled. I remember my wisdom teeth being pulled (granted they did it in the hospital while I was under because of my diabetes…and I hope they will do the same for getting ready for the dentures), but I remember the days and weeks following. Then I also remember when my mom had her teeth pulled in preparation for dentures. She was sick as a dog from it. But, who knows, so I will go with the flow on that part LOL.

We finished putting down the bamboo wood flooring. We tried to follow the directions, but by the time we got 1/4 of the way laying the planks, the first boards were completely lifted off the ground. So, we threw the instructions away and did it our own way, and it looks fantastic. but it is easier to scratch than the promo’s say. I put the first big scratch into it. about 12” long. I was so sick about it. It is also said that they have a protectant on the planks so you don’t need any sort of sealer or anything…yeah right. We are going to put one down after seeing that big long scratch. We also need to find a good cleaner/polisher for the wood. I ordered mats specifically made for office chairs and hardwood flooring. Not a bad price either…only $30 on Amazon. I was quite impressed…it is a pretty decent size too. Everywhere else I was looking was $60 or more for it. the other problem with the flooring was….we lacked just 1/2” in the final corner. just a measly 1/2”. but luckily, we had already planned that corner will have custom bookshelves there, so it will cover up the small gap.

The only thing left for in there, is putting the molding in and also building/installing the custom bookshelves. Then we can move into the office. I am getting so excited. It will be so nice to have a good workspace to write in.

When the office is complete, I will post some pictures of it.

I am also getting a “new” desk. My grandpa, just before he died, gave me his desk that he built. It needs a big of refinishing and a new top put on. But I am so excited to get my grandpa’s desk. Mom gets this desk…poor woman, she is always getting my hand-me-downs on things like that. She is going to be using my old computer, she is going to be using my old desk, before I got her a new iPod for xmas last year, she had my old MP3 player…LOL

well, I guess I better head to bed. Have to be up a couple hours earlier than usual, and I know how my body protests getting up early, especially if I did not go to bed at a decent hour LOL.

Not sure when I will be online tomorrow…but will (at the very least) pop a message on Twitter when I get home.

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