Friday, May 8, 2009

oh goodie!

insert major sarcasm with the title of this blog.

If I ever go to the doctor and get good news (as in nothing continuing to be wrong, but staying steady), I will keel over in shock. What is new now? ohhh, nothing much, other than I have been diagnosed with Asthma, and I am officially in menopause at the age of 32 (was half-expecting that one when I got my hysterectomy at the age of 26)…and my leg muscles are having some funky things going on…one leg has muscle deterioration and the other leg as a muscle that is exploding basically. Oh my life with my health is so joyous…anybody want to trade bodies with me? LOL. I called my sister and told her and her two comments are “I don’t mean to laugh, but it is either laugh or cry” and “we can’t even wrap you in bubble wrap, because it is all internal. The topper of the day was when we left early this morning, I went to go down our porch steps and my feet seemed to glue to the steps and I went forward, down the two steps, landed on my knees on cement and a metal grate.

I spent most of last night typing up the god notes…still have more to do, and then make the family chart. I am pretty much dead today after all of the fun excitement (say that with a twist of the lips), so I am going to go take my nightly meds and I am going to go veg out. LOL.

I hope your day went a lot better than mine LOL.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

doctor tomorrow

the rounds of doctors are starting again now that things are calmed down from grandpa’s illness and subsequent death. We have to leave the house at quarter to six in the morning, to get there in time for our 8 am appointment. oh boy. I am excited **pull a face when you read that, I did). Hopefully we will be able to figure out a couple of things that are going on. this is the first of many appointments that I have been postponing.

Antiphone is doing much better. she is still having a problem walking on her one leg. She is back completely to her loving self…well, loving to me anyway. LOL. That is one thing about Russian Blues…they are completely loyal to select people, and the rest can go jump off a roller coaster for all she cares. Just like Orion, she rarely leaves my bedroom, preferring it where it is calmer and little traffic. She is not pure Russian Blue, but the differences are very slight. (Yes, I know there are several “blue” cats that are similar to Russian’s…but I have done my research, and except for her having yellow eyes instead of green and her fur being a little longer and not quite as dense, she has the look of the Russian Blue and not the other blues.

I got a little work done on writing. Except for adding a few details and some research for crucial information, I have chapter one of Mu ready to upload come the beginning of June. I also got a little bit of work done on The Prank. I decided to make the family a little easier to know who is related to who and how with the Greek god pantheon, I am going to make my own diagram of relationships…course I will probably be the only one to understand it, but as long as it serves its purpose LOL. I got a pretty good start on that. First I am putting all of the Greek gods all in 0ne place. Also the Roman…but that is for tormenting the gods, not for actually using their gods. LOL. I have a little more work to do on it, need to finish getting the information in one place, and then I can do the diagram. that part itself, once I have all the gods where they need to be, will be fairly quick. hopefully after getting home from Salt Lake tomorrow, I will feel up to working on the list. I know I won’t feel up to actual writing, but doing research is a different level than the writing. So, we will see.

For tonight, I am out of here ;-) See ya!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mu research – all but done

Woohoo! I got most of my Mu Mysteries research pretty much finished, except for a piece here or there as I run across it. I got more written in the actual story too. Not much, most of it was spent typing up the research, but I am so much more ready to do this than I was just a few days ago. And Chapter 1 is pulling together pretty good too. I am quite pleased. so far. **knock on wood**

I didn’t get the research needed for the Hubris series done, but it is not too pressing to the story right now. I think I will be able to devote most of the day to actual writing tomorrow. That will make a very nice change of pace LOL.

Oh, Antiphone. she is doing good. not 100%, but she is better than she was even this morning. she is mostly back to her old self. The vet said she definitely had a seizure, and that I have to keep a health diary on her for a while to see if we can pinpoint maybe what caused it, or (hopefully) catch the next one (I hope there is not going to be a next one) before it happens. He said it is more challenging to put cats on seizure meds…dogs are easier with it…but it is a possibility that we will have to do it. I do know she is still having a difficult time walking. She is limping on her front right leg…she doesn’t seem to want to bend it much. that is the leg she was screaming about the most just after the seizure. So hopefully it is just residual pain from it and it will get better over the next few days. I am going to try to keep it positive that she didn’t do permanent damage to it.. This morning, she was still pretty stiff, even this afternoon…but tonight, when I scratched her belly, she melted herself around my hand like she usually does, and she gave me lots of kisses (and bites) on my nose and purred for me. So I am taking all of that as very positive. I know she sure had me scared and upset last night. there for a while, I was sure I was going to lose her. I think how much she is loved, and how young she is, played a big part in her pulling through. I know I don’t ever want to go through that again.

It kills me to see animals and children be sick when they have not done anything to harm anyone. In a perfect world, I would not let either category get sick. but since when was this a perfect world?


I know one thing I am going to check into tomorrow…Twitter. I don’t know much about it, and if it is a lot of hassle, I may not do more than glance at it…but I am going to check into it and see.

Oh, if you haven’t, go over to Enchantment of the Mind and check out the front page. I changed it up a bit. I am also thinking of going through Judgment at Witches Court and adding a link to its page to put a page of my favorite quotes and/or bits of the text that I like the most. Thinking about it. If I do that, I will do it for Into the Forest as well…but slowly add to that page as a build-up for when it is released.

Shoot! I forgot, I need to add a picture of Cedric to the front page as well. it is not Enchantment of the Mind without him being on there! He is a integral part of it LOL.

ok. I am getting a bit slap-happy. time to sign off and try to get some rest. Notice the “try”. With Antiphone doing better, I think I will sleep better…

Better day

It is a better day…at least for Antiphone. She is much better than she was last night. You can definitely tell she is not feeling good, but she is not screaming at the slightest touch and is moving around now.

As for me. Yet another frustrating day. I am still trying to find out what I need to do to get Medicare to pay for a new insulin pump for me. this is getting frustrating…getting? it has been frustrating. One of these days, preferably before I end up in the hospital, I will have the new insulin pump. At least, I hope so. All the phone calls I am having to make are killing me. I am talking to several people…and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, so they are trying to get together to figure it out, and then they will clue me in. If you hear a scream coming from Utah, you will know it is me.


I will get this figured out. if it doesn’t drive me insane first.

While I am waiting for phone calls, I am going to make a couple changes to the front page of my website, and then, get some notes made for the Hubris series, and maybe…possibly…get some actual writing done. I did finally get the English/Greek and English/Irish dictionaries ordered. I have been trying to get the money up to get those for a few months now. That will help a lot. I am shooting to write in Mu Mysteries today, and if I have time, maybe a little in Underhill or The Prank. so many options. LOL.

So, off I go, so I can get some work done. ;-)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poor kitty

I needed a break. I decided to come post here briefly…not sure how much sleep I will get tonight. My young kitten, Antiphone (14 months old), had a serious seizure this evening. I think we are over the danger spot, but not sure. poor thing is in so much pain right now because of it. :-( wish there was something more I can do for her than what I can do. I really do hope she is over the worse of it. I have only had her since September, but she is my little doll, and I don’t want anything to happen to her. I will be up keeping an eye on her most of the night. When I found her this evening, she was under my bed. I thought she was playing, but then I decided to check. my pup looked under the bed too and was freaking. when I looked, she was seizing so bad that she was bouncing between the floor and the bedsprings, which is a good foot and a half. At first, the angle her head was, I thought she was caught up in something around her neck. But when I moved the bed to look at her, she was totally stiff and she had drool running in big globs down her face. It took a lot of talking to her and loving her and wrapping her up in a blanket and holding her to get her to the point she is now. She is moving around, but she is screaming each time she does and walking really stiff-legged. so I know we are not out of the woods yet. For those of you who know, this is not new info, but for those just tuning in…we have no emergency vets, and the closest vet is an hour away, and he is more of a large animal vet…though he does work with small animals too…but it was after hours. So, right now we are on our own with her. I am hoping she is young enough that she will pull out of it with few, or no, side-effects. I hope. She has not shown any signs of bad health before…sure, she has a slight respiratory thing that she has had since before I adopted her, but that is it. So hopefully, it is just a fluke. I hope so. I know I will be taking her in for a thorough exam. My animals are sure playing with my heart the last while…several close calls. The cat that I was supposed to have put down, I had the vet examine him one more time beforehand and while he is bad health, we decided he is not quite to the drastic point yet…funny thing is, since the vet said that, he is eating again. I think he needed to hear it from the vet too ;-) LOL. But now, Antiphone is doing this. I will be very unhappy with her if she doesn’t get better. I have a feeling she will, but with what side effects, I don’t know. I can only keep my fingers crossed.

Monday, May 4, 2009

well, no real progress

I did a little writing, but after getting the updated stuff onto the website (I changed the look of the links on top of the page, and also did the link for the new blog…I just didn’t have the mental stamina to do much writing…and odds are, I will be chucking out the pages I did do.

You know, even with the weird spelling of my name, I have never had the urge to introduce myself to people as “Sherry with a C.” I think, even when I was a kid, I got a thrill when people mispronounced my name. Course, that doesn’t mean that when I was young I didn’t want to change my name to my middle name…I can be called “Cherry…Cherry, the big fat faerie” or “Cherry Merry Muffin” so many times, but now, it is so different that I don’t mind it at all, in fact, I laugh with people over it…but it is strange that I never did introduce myself so people knew how to pronounce it. LOL.

For the Mu Mysteries update, I am almost finished writing the first chapter, so it will definitely by ready to go by the beginning of June. There is a couple of key things I need to change in it, and I will need to proof it and edit it, of course, but the launce date of June 1st is still in the plan.

Funny thing, we had a stray horse show up today. Dad came home from town and saw a horse, at first he thought that it was one of our horses out, but it wasn’t. So, trying to corral it, our gelded stallion go out with this other stallion. Dad chased them for a bit, but then gave up. Not too much later, the horses showed back up, and dad was able to get them into the back yard, and then into the field (the field is accessed by the back yard). so now, unless we can find the owner, we have 3 horses…The odds are high that the horse doesn’t have an owner…because people can’t afford the feed and medical of them with the way the economy is, there have been a record number of people letting their horses out in the wild to fend for themselves here. it is really sad. So, we will see what comes of this one. Funny thing is, my dad was saying just a week ago that he was thinking of getting a third horse…LOL

We also had a dog given to us this weekend, though my grandma is more than likely going to take him. A very overweight black lab.

so, the count of animals right now (it will be changing soon as we get rid of some goats)…4 dogs (not counting the black lab), 3 cats, 1 plucked chicken (I mean, a blue-and-gold Macaw…minus feathers), 9 goats, 6 geese, 6 ducks, and 3 horses. Can anyone say, “Animal Farm”? LOL. We are getting rid of 4 or 5 goats, 3 geese and we are giving one of the horses back to her original owner…We would keep her, but her original family misses her something terrible, so we decided that they need her worse than us…at least, that was the last decision I heard LOL. Then, when my grandma can’t take care of her animals anymore, we will be gaining the black lab, a smaller dog and possibly a cat (if she gets one). It is a good thing we like animals LOL

Anyway, I am going to go relax…maybe hit the sack early tonight. We had a full weekend this past weekend…we had 11 people (besides my parents and I) here. it was completely hectic. then last night, there was a horrendous wind/rain storm, so the dogs were up barking almost all night. So between the weekend, and the storm…sleep is a good thing tonight LOL.

After I make some business phone calls tomorrow, I will be definitely working on writing. I need to. I am starting to reach the desperate frame of mind where my dreams are starting to go a lot more funkier than usual due to not writing….

New blog site…time to get used to it

Well, here we are. a new blog host for my blogs. I decided to go with an external one, partly because I just could not get the internal blog to work on my site,…I am just not website set-up savvy enough to do it, and the other thing, I am tired of having to maintain the upkeep of the behind the scenes stuff myself. So, les fuss, maybe better blogs. notice the maybe LOL.

the new address for the blog is

I also bought a new domain, though you won’t notice a difference on the address of my website. I am keeping it, but I just bought and am having it forwarded to this way, I am found either way, outside of the search engines that is.

I am just in a revamping mood, can you tell? Of course, all of my other blogs are gone, but not for good…well, I don’t know if there will ever be a way to get them onto this specific blog, but if you log into my yahoo group you will be able to read the back log of blogs there.

As for the update on my health…well, things are still hectic there, I am still trying to get the new insulin pump. by the time I am through jumping through hoops for this thing, I think I am going to need to sit down and have a good cry. my gawd, this is just…horrible. I have never had such a hard time getting a replacement pump, either through the same company, or through a new company, before. Medicare has tightened things so bad that it is like pulling teeth.

for now, I am going to go finish up the technical details of all of these changes. I am craving writing so bad, from all of the upheaval, I am going to have to find time to write. I am going to try tonight at least. **fingers crossed**

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