Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catch up time :)

So much has changed, I am not even sure I know where to start. They say that the beginning is a good place to start. I don’t even remember who said that, and I am too lazy right now to look it up…but when you think about it, do we even truly know where the actual beginning is? because isn’t life really a sequence of beginnings? I mean, think about it. We are constantly ending little things and big things only to begin new things…and all at different times, so there is never a true sense of “this is the beginning of it all!”

Well…except when we are born. but…but isn’t even a true beginning, because before that, we are conceived, and there are a series of endings and beginnings while we are in the womb, and even before we are conceived there are a series of endings and beginnings, depending on your spiritual beliefs.


Where does it all truly end???

Where does it all truly begin??

And boy did I go of on a tangent! ROFLMAO

ok. time to reel myself back in. Back to my original thought here…what was it…where did it go? Oh yes…my own series of endings and beginnings.

I guess I will touch on the key points. some of them briefly, some I will expound on.

~There was mom’s passing.

~My diabetes has decided to throw a monkey wrench into the works again, as has several other health factors…my stomach is worsening, I need to get back to the doctor and force him to make a decision. I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say it is not working…figuratively and literally. and now my neuropathy in my legs are worsening and I am having possible spinal problems…I am seeing a specialist on Tuesday to have tests run to give more answers about that. I am definitely going to have to start walking with a cane though…or at least keeping one by my side for my unstable days—bodily unstable. There’s no hope for my mental unstableness! *snicker* So, my health is *not* behaving in the slightest.

~My uncle was just diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

~My grandma is making daily comments, thanks to her Alzheimer's, that I am telling her that I want her out of the house and that I wish she were dead…which, of course is no where near true…gotta love Alzheimer’s! **eye-roll* Actually, she rotates between me and dad. LOL I had to laugh at tonight’s comment…she told dad…in reference to me “For someone who has gone to college, she sure is a dunce.” gee. thanks! ;) LOL.

~My oldest brother had surgery on both knees.

~And my niece’s hamster died, and so did the replacement…which she named after the original one.

All of that is the nasty side that has been going on since the first of the year. literally. all of that has erupted only since the first of the year…actually, only since mom died, has it started, Jan 26th. So, not even a month! (except one of my brothers surgeries was at the first of the year, so before her passing.)

But, here is the positive things that have been going on.

~My writing is finally coming back on board…I have been mostly doing some intensive research…which I still have lots to do for future sections, but have the current areas research done. but the actual writing was not working out…but it is finally coming back on board.

~My brother and his fiancée married just before mom died so she could see them get married and they are doing fantastic.

~My new sister-in-law’s oldest son got engaged shortly afterward

~My oldest niece is in a musical play, her first, and she has a solo part! :D she is tied as one of my biggest fans and is the biggest proponent of my books being turned into movies…just so she can act in the lead part ;)

~And I started college at the University of Phoenix in their Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I want to be able to get into my character’s heads deeper mwaaahaaaahaaahaaa –at least that is one reason for it *snicker* The cool thing is, my academic’s representative thinks we will be able to substitute some of my gen classes with some other classes that I want to take…not all of them, of course, but some of them. such as ancient history classes, and creative writing classes, and possibly philosophy classes. so that would be sweet!

You can’t tell I am excited about college, can you? I start on Tuesday. I have been taking some workshops in the meantime. I applied on the tenth and officially became a student last week and have taken two workshops since then. LOL.

That is what has been going on though. You have pretty much been caught up.

I am still plugging away on my various writing projects…going to get some work done on Mu Mysteries next week and hopefully have a new chapter up for you for next month, and have a sample chapter for Into the Forest up for you for the first of the month as well, as well as a Ancient Greek Time line that I am putting up on the website. I will also be starting back in on twitter better (was going to start better on that the last few days, but got sidetracked from it again. shame on me.) but will be going with Rita and Missy and Dominick again. they have been bugging me that they want back on Twitter ;) My muse is getting strong once again.

For tonight, I have a little bit of work to do and some pre-reading for my class on Tuesday, and then I am heading to bed. Besides, this is long enough! *Grin* Laters!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody

It has been a long while since I have done a blog, and I will do one Saturday, I promise, but in the meantime, I was talking with my sister-in-law on the phone yesterday and we were joking around about my brother having to do everything because nobody wanted to do it, especially us, and it reminded me about this joke… and I so I wanted to share it with you, because I always got a kick out of it, and it is so apropos in our society… ;)


This is a story about four people: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

     There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when actually Nobody asked Anybody.

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