Saturday, November 14, 2009

what’s been going on

busy week…kinda-sorta

I am hoping to post this on Friday, but my internet was exceeded on our “Fair access policy” when we didn’t even download anything, so we had a downgraded, so if it doesn’t get to be posted until Saturday, then that is why.

last weekend, my oldest brother and his family were here, and so all writing got put on hold during that visit. sorry. I don’t get to see them much, even though they only live 2 hours away. Then on Monday and Tuesday, I had such a long to-do list that all writing still was on hold. I did do some work that was writing related, but actual writing, no go. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I came down with a fever and could not concentrate at all, so no go on anything. and today, (Friday), I am going to write. I am bound and determined. But in between that writing, I am going to write some blogs that were put off, though, odds are, they are not going to be posted until Saturday, and I am also going to be working on a roast and making made-from-scratch brownies for my dad’s 59th.

I still am not feeling well. My tummy problems just keep escalating. I was supposed to go to my GI doctor on Thursday, but with the fever, I didn’t go in. So, I need to reschedule with him, see what we can do to get my tummy digesting a little better. the pills I was taking seem to have stopped working. I have a feeling that the feeding tube scenario is getting closer than we were thinking it was….hopefully not, but I have a feeling it is. But, my way of thinking…if it is, and it will make me comfortable and get me the nutrition that I am lacking, then maybe it is something we should start looking seriously into.

so, now onto the blogs…first the AP Report blog. I was thinking…I love doing it. Sure, I am a bit sporadic with it. but one thing that needs to change is the name…I completely forgot that there is something already similar…AP…Annoying Phrases = mine…AP…Associate Press = not mine LOL. and while that could be good for me, I don’t want to step on any toes, and I want to be a bit unique. so I am changing the name…again. Trying on a new personality for that title…so, I am going to try out…Tiresome Term Tip-off or the TTTo. I actually kinda like it ;)

the other thing is the character blogs. I am quite enjoying them…a little too much. I am forgetting myself a little too much in them. almost letting too much information go in them. So the first thing that is going to change is…they are not going to be posted to every day. the second thing is they are going to rotate. one day will be say Shashanna’s. Then maybe Dominick’s. Then Maybe Rita’s. Then Maybe Shashanna’s again, or Allorana’s. Then Missy’s. You get the picture. And I will be a little more circumspect about what they talk about…maybe more about their past. more about their feelings…more about their society/town’s. but not so much as to what might relate to the actual story. Especially in regards to Missy, Dominick and Rita. I do quite enjoy those three’s back and forth, and I will keep that going…and eventually I might bring them on Twitter…maybe. It all depends. what it mostly depends on is the hours. Where Missy and Dom are vampire’s, it is a bit difficult for me to keep to their hours LOL

Anyway, that is what I wanted to discuss today. I will try to post this later, if not, you will see it Saturday ;)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

busy busy

so, I have been super busy lately with writing, have I not?

on top of the other character blogs, I added a blog for Rita from Into the Forest and Underhill it is

I have been keeping a bit quiet this past weekend as my brother and his family were up and also, my tummy issues have been flared up. those are going to be addressed at the doctor on Thursday…nothing unusual for me though. it was nice to see my brother and family. It was very nice torturing my nieces.

yes, I said torturing. for instance, my youngest niece (11), jokingly asked me, “where’d you find me?” (she should know better than to ask me a question like that. So, I responded “I found you in the dumpster.” Her jaw dropped open and she gasped. I said “Do you want to know how I found you in the dumpster?” She got a suspicious look on her face and asked “How?” (another thing she should know by now…don’t encourage me further.) I said “The stench!” she started to hit me and I, of course, had to repeat it to her sister and then her mother…who both cracked up laughing. It was priceless.

Never, never encourage me unless you want to pay the price. it is not often I am not able to come up with snappy comments, and it is even less often I am not willing to make them. I am not saying I am always *good* at the snappy comments. sometime is know I am going to be making a bonehead mistake when I say it, before it is out of my mouth, but it comes out anyway. LOL.

but, anyway, I got sidetracked. My nieces always do that to me. It is just too much fun torturing them.

In the next couple of days, I will be updating my website with the blog links and a few other things. My oldest niece found some places in Mu Mysteries where words or sentences had been eaten…so I will be making a few adjustments and re-uploading it…again. That’s what I get for using a new program and not going back and verifying. that was my mistake, but I got in a hurry. I will also be updating Facebook with some information.

I have a few other things I need to do…like get started on the promotion and marketing plan for Into the Forest and also work on getting some reviews for Judgment at Witches Court and also Into the Forest. It is still several months till the release of Forest, but it is getting close enough that it is getting crunch time for this type of thing…and I promised myself, I would do better on being proactive toward it than I was with Judgment.

So, busy busy busy LOL.

Tonight. rest. rest. rest. see if I can get my tummy to cooperate. doubt it will. don’t know what the doc will be able to do. but…who knows.

Tomorrow, I start being even more busy.

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