Monday, September 20, 2010

It never fails *snicker*

First things first…today is the last day I am attending school. I am going to miss it like crazy, but I have to think of my health and mental well-being vs. learning…and I choose my health and mental well-being (I guess *snicker and wink*) I also choose being able to write more often vs. learning. Of course, I still learn as I research and whatnot…but I was enjoying the classes immensely. especially since I was getting all A’s in school. Maybe one day I can go back.

So, here is where the title of this blog comes in to play. Saturday I was backing up my computer system so that my brother could update it, including putting on a new version of Windows. this was to occur on Sunday. Well, Saturday the computer was working just fine. And it shut down just fine as well. But when I went to start it up for my brother, it did nothing. It wouldn’t go past the option to boot from a CD option. it just sat there and sat there and sat there. My brother and I got in there and was looking around, trying different things, and it wouldn’t do anything. it wouldn’t even let us reformat the hard drives. It wouldn’t even find the hard drives. It found the DVD-rom’s. It found a x: drive which looked to be a virtual drive. I had never seen that in there before. But it would not find my hard drives. no matter what we did, we could not get it to find the hard drives. We even switched them around and tried various settings…and nothing. We can’t figure out what happened. I hadn’t downloaded anything, and things were operating just fine the day before. but the hard drives just disappeared.

So, my dad being the great guy he is, is buying me all new computer parts for my brother to build me a custom computer. We are going to try to use what parts we can from the dead-in-the-water computer, but most of the parts will be the best that we can find at this time. It is going to have a 2 TB hard drive, 16 GB’s of RAM, HD sound and video (the sound will be home theatre quality HD), and so on. And I will be able to upgrade with no problem, whereas with the DELL computer’s that I have been using, I have to make sure the parts are compatible with their parts they put in and such. The computer that is dead-in-the-water was a DELL XPS 630i computer and at the time I bought it, about 15 months ago was about $2200…and it did not have all of the parts that I wanted. Such as a HDMI port, and some of the parts I was able to get were not the best quality that I could get. Whereas the parts we are buying for my new custom computer is going to be about $600 less than that, with top-of-the-line parts (as of this time anyway *snicker*.

So, until that computer is built, I am reliant completely on my laptop…which I never wanted this laptop to be my main computer, because of how easily laptop’s become bogged down. But I gotta do what I gotta do, right?

I am going to start trying to write again in a couple of days. I would say today…but I have some stuff I need to finish up with for school, and tomorrow and Wednesday I have doctor appointments. Tomorrow’s is to get a corteroid injection in my hip for the stupid arthritis, and Wednesday’s is for my diabetes checkup…which I can already say that my doctor is going to be upset with my blood sugars. With everything going on lately, my blood sugars are rarely below 300…most of the time they are in the 400-500 range. So, he is not going to be happy at all. He has already been threatening to turn me over to a different doctor because he does not think he is doing a good enough job…but he is doing a better job than any of the others I have had. it is not his fault that the last 2 years have been extremely stressful for me and my body can’t handle stress. So hopefully he doesn’t say enough is enough on Wednesday and hopefully I don’t have to start looking for a new doctor. Fingers crossed.

So, back to the writing. I am hoping to start writing again on Thursday…I will get working on the sequel to Into the Forest. When I left it, it was going really well, so hopefully I will be able to pick up where I left off and the book will finish itself pretty fast. here’s hoping anyway. I have never been a real fast writer. Though, I don’t have anybody sick (other than myself) to look after any more, so things might go faster for me in that regard.

I also need to get planning the Halloween blog story. That day is getting close! I have a semi-idea of what I want the Halloween blog story to be, but things are not quite clear on it. Just a few weeks ago I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it…but I think I can now. However, I don’t think I will do the trivia and facts on Halloween like I did last year. I am not totally discounting it…but we will see.

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