Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting there

I am even further behind in my writing of the Halloween story than I wanted to be. My diabetes decided to flare up the night before last and so I was up with extremely high blood sugars most of the night. It always wipes me out for several days after an episode. So I slept all of yesterday, and am still dragging and weak today. I did not get any writing done yesterday, not like I had hoped, but I did get some done today. I might be able to pull out a little more writing out of me later on, but it doesn’t look like the story is going to be finished for several more days. Dang it all anyway. It is coming along good, however. I am going to have to put a caution on this story. Like I said in my last blog, it is not my usual style. In fact, this one is going to be quite bloody and gory. *laugh* Hopefully I get the details of it correct! I will put a little spoiler here so that you know if you want to read it or not.



A journalist, at the last of his ropes. No life to live to speak of. He lives in a dive, possesses no money and very few items, and is on the verge of losing his job. in desperation, the idea of cannibalism crosses his mind as a story idea…will he go through with it? will he participate in the cannibalism himself, or find someone else to chronicle their experience?


***end spoiler***

anyway, that is the premise of the story. We will see how it actually turns out, and I hope those that read it will enjoy it…*laugh* Enjoy cannibalism. Nice. *snicker*

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