Friday, December 18, 2009

way behind

being ill sucks…especially when you have things you want to do some fun stuff with my fans in the coming days…but with my health taking a sudden dip, my energy took a downward spiral and it is all I can do to get through the day let alone anything else.

It all came to a head on Sunday, and by Tuesday I was right in bed. it is a sum of all of my health problems, especially my gastro- and coloparesis. surprisingly enough my diabetes is not playing that big of a part in it. It is there and making itself known, but not as bad as it could be.

But, because of it, I have not been able to do much at all…no writing, no blogging, no research, no studying… there have even been times that I haven’t even had the energy to even read. that is unheard of for me. Even when I was sleeping about 18 hours a day, I still managed to read.

I had planned on doing something fun with my fans on the 23rd…I even have everything all gathered up for it…I had planned on doing something similar to that of Halloween…posting on Twitter, and my Facebook fanpage facts and a few other things about Yule, Christmas and Winter and writing a short story on my blog. I may still do the short story, but the rest? I don’t think I will be well enough by then to do it…if I am, it will be too soon, my energy level will not be sufficiently stored up to be able to handle that kind of drain…not if Halloween was anything to go by. I will just have to do something off-season to have fun with…there are lots of things that are topic oriented that I can relate toward my writing that I can do when I am feeling more up to it.

For now…I need to get back in the swing of things while concentrating on getting over this spell. I need to get back on my blogs…but I fear that won’t be more toward Monday….and I need to get back to writing. I need to write. it is beyond wanting…it is needing.

I need to get the next chapter of Mu Mysteries completed so I can have it ready to upload New Years Day, and I left The Prank at a very fun spot…though I need to start some research on Sparta…they decided to go there…gotta love it when my characters take me places where I am not expecting them to go LOL. Same with Underhill…and I want to write the short story for the 23rd….because I want to at least want to do that part.

So much to do but for today…it will still pretty much be a lazy day, though I will see about trying to do some writing here in a little bit… ;)

Monday, December 14, 2009

3-D or Hologram’s?

I watched a news report the other night about how they are going 3-D on everything. TV sets, those big screens at the sports stadiums, the movie theater’s…and how expensive it is to create these 3-D productions…and how annoying those glasses really are. Especially if you already wear glasses. It was stated that the images are projected at 120 frames per second—double the speed of a normal image. and that double images are projected into each eye with the glasses. Here is the problem…the glasses are bulky, they are irritating and have issues with everyday glasses, and if you have eye problems (like I do) you cannot watch the 3-D movies anyway…so the technology is useless for people like me…and we miss out on the thrill of it.

So, it got me thinking today…why don’t they take the money that is being invested into the television sets and the sports stadiums for this expensive technology…and focus it on hologram technology? I know that they have already made great stride’s in it…it can be projected like 3-D, and be even more in-your-face…and you don’t need any fancy glasses for it. Hey! I’m on board for that…and bonus! You can also use it for other purposes. Hologram technology can have so many other applications besides 3-Ding movies and sports. I can see lots of fun…and practical applications for it. And, like I said, the technology has already made great strides as is.

Why hasn’t it made better strides? what is the hold-up on this? I would much rather go hologram than the 3-D…This world baffles me at times…it is so technology advanced…yet on some fronts it is so technophobic at the same time. it is very…baffling.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My thoughts on 2012

These are my own personal thoughts on 2012, not anyone else's, based on what I have researched and on meditations. And not about the movie LOL. I have not watched the action movie by the same name, though I want to. I love those types of movies.

As we all know, the December 21, 2012--according to the ancient Mayan colander--the world is supposed to end.

Some believe it will be a catastrophic end. Some believe it will be a switch to a new era. Some believe it is nothing be hooey and nothing will happen.

This is what I believe…based on meditations--I do not have any of them written down, and even if I did, they revealed some personal facts and I don’t want that floating around, so I cannot reveal exactly what they said--and my own research and pondering of it.

I believe that we are in for the end of the world--*gasp*…hold your horses. I am not done--I am believe we are in for the end of the world, as we know it. The world will continue, and it may or may not look as it does now. But our thoughts, and feelings, will be different. We will fully enter the "Age of Light."—ah, yes. I can hear the groans now…

I am not saying this is what will happen, just that this is my thoughts and feelings. We will see if the previous and following will be accurate. We will see if I am around to see it come to pass ;)

First, I believe that the Earth is shaking off those that cannot--or will not--see this age come. My proof? Are we not having a record amount of wars, and deaths? Violence and destruction--natural and manmade? Has it not been escalating over the past years, getting worse with each passing year? Have we not seen a record amount of people--not wars, but individual people--going on mass-murderous rampages, taking out not one or two, but 20-30+ people at a time, including themselves? Have we not seen a record amount of storms that are not only wiping out people, but whole cities that we will not, or cannot rebuild? It is going beyond the global warming. It is so beyond that.

Then on the opposite end of the scale, have we not seen a record amount of people finding their faith? Not just "religion." Not just "God." But their faith? Including nature- and goddess-based faiths? There is a vast difference between all of these things. Have we not seen a record number of people seeking answers? Seeking to learn more than what they are taught, or what they can be taught by others? Have we not seen a record amount of people joining organizations of like-minded people? Have we not seen a record number of "miracles”, of sightings of "angels”?

Next, all around the same time of 2012--though I can't remember the exact times--Earth is doing several things…leaving the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius, and around the same time-- in the scheme of things--it is leaving what is termed as the "Galactic Night" and entering the "Photon Band”. When that happens, it has been nicknamed the "Age of Light" or the "Golden Age," Sound familiar? (Think back to the Greek God Creation Myths…and it is not only the Greeks that had a “Golden Age” in their creation myths.) The “Galactic Night” is pretty much where we have been "asleep" spiritually, where we have let others lead us, where we have let others make our decisions. The "Age of Light" is a point where we awaken and begin to know, to learn and grow spiritually, to question and stop following. Already we are starting to do that.

This is why I believe that this is what we are heading for.

Do I believe this is where I am going? Yes. Do I believe I will make it there with my health…? Maybe. I am not sure.

I believe that many of us will be going as teachers to help guide the ones that want to go forward to this new world. And no, I am not placing myself as one of those teachers LOL. I am not that conceited.

This is why I am not all that concerned with the "going Green" and the "global warming"…it is important. Especially once we do switch over to the new age. Even if we don't…moderation, balance is the key. However, I fully feel that the Earth is fixing herself and she will right the wrongs done to herself as she has done in the past before we were even a parasite biting her back. Or a twinkle in her eye, depending on which faction you fall into ;) *snicker*

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