Saturday, October 24, 2009

sleepless night=writing and cleaning=not happy body

had a night where my mind said that sleep was not an option. it was not on hyper drive. it was not thinking bad thoughts. there was nothing bad going on. it just was not sleepy, and neither was the body,

so the mind said “Hey body! Since you’re up, and I’m up…let’s say, you and I go into the office and actually get some work done.”

The body says *groan* “you want me to what and what time of night??? fine! but you owe me!”

so the mind wrestles the body into submission (not that it was hard since the body was actually fighting to stay in bed, it was a token fight, you understand, and I was in the office at 12:30 writing and editing.

So, I posted on twitter that I almost had ch. 5 finished and was getting ready to work on ch. 6…my bad. it was actually ch. 4 and ch. 5. I was never good at keeping stupid chapters straight ROFL.

I was hoping to get some work done in The Prank, but it hasn’t worked out yet today, but there is still plenty of day left…is it still only 2??? sheesh. the day seems to last forever when you have been up all night. I was also hoping to do some work on Into the Forest’s sequel Underhill…but…well, yeah.

But, now, because I also did some cleaning today…my body is seriously miffed. no. miffed is too mild. it is flat out pissed off.

So, we will see. LOL. we will see. I am hoping after I get a little bit of a break I will be raring to go again. **wiggles eyebrows**

Thursday, October 22, 2009

“AP Alert” - Organic

Wow, the AP Alert’s have slipped past me, I didn’t even realize so many Wednesday’s have passed by, I didn’t even realize yesterday was Wednesday until a friend of mine, and fellow writer – Amanda Devine (Name Drop! LOL) and I were talking just before I was getting ready to head out for the night LOL.

So, I said I would do the AP Alert today instead…and almost forgot again. So neglectful of me ;)

this week’s AP Alert is Organic. Do we even know what the meaning of this word is anymore? It is bandied around so much that it has lost its meaning. Everything is organic, regardless if it has just one molecule in it that is actually the organic piece, it is called organic now.

I’m serious. It used to be that what was considered organic meant that it had to be 100% natural to meant that guideline. Now?  if it has just one ingredient, it is organic. And if it is truly organic, then you have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

For instance, if you want organic chicken versus non-organic…first you have to hunt it down. if you are lucky enough to have it in the same store, then, well, you still have to separate which is the organic and which isn’t. then you have to decide, is paying at least $5. more a breast worth getting the organic? (maybe a slight exaggeration….maybe).

Same goes for the produce.

So, let’s move away from the produce and meat and let’s go to the….oh, let’s go to cleaning. now here is where they really get you. Organic.

first, it can be anywhere from the packaging is organic…not the actual cleaner. So, are you cleaning with a cleaner that is organic, or is the package what is the healthier aspect of it?

So, now the actual cleaner…now, is it all of the ingredients? or are they being sneaky and just putting in one or two ingredients that are all natural and the rest are chemicals?

See? they can be very tricky. All they have to do is put ONE thing about their product as all natural or organic and they can claim that title. and that price.

Now clothing.

Organic. just because it is, doesn’t make it better. oh yes, I am full support of natural fibers and such. In fact, I am absolutely in love with bamboo. best plant out there. fast growing…renews itself fantabulously. versatile. We have my office floor done in it and my bathroom towels are made out of it. But, again…watch your labels. I learned the hard way. What is advertised is not what you get.

For instance. My bamboo hardwood floors? They said “do not put anything on them. hardest wood out there. won’t scratch.”

I put one hell of a scratch in it the first day it was down and subsequently my dogs have done a number on it. That’s ok. I like the distressed look of hardwood floors…the more worn they look, the more I like it. but it shows you that what they claim, is not always what you get.

As for the towels? I spent damn near $100 for these towels. I have had them since April, maybe the end of March. they are already coming undone. I am pissed about these. The towels are soft. they dry rapidly. But, they are not put together well. Would I go with Bamboo towels again? I would. but I would be more leery.

Oh, another note on the bamboo floors….they are supposed to 100% bamboo. which was supposed to make them the best, right? Wrong. They have some other wood as a second layer. , the first layer, the primary layer, is bamboo, but the secondary is not.

But, this got a little bit away from the main topic of Organic. it did stick to the “what you see is not always what you get” but not to the organic LOL.

So, my main point is, Check. Don’t just assume that it is organic just because it says it is. And really, everything is claimed to be organic anymore….because in reality everything is organic, because everything has components of being organic…at least by the terms that it is being used by now.



**None of these topics are meant to be aimed at anyone in particular. Some of them may touch a nerve, and I am sorry if they do, but these are my views. I am even guilty of using some of these and am trying to improve myself in regards to them. Besides, if we can’t laugh at some of the words/phrases we use, then this world is indeed too sad a place to be.**


**disclaimer: writer I am, writer I will always be. But spelling I never claimed to own. There will always be spelling errors, even with the aid of spell checkers. Unless I employ 20 proof-readers, and if I do that, you will never get to see these blogs…so, guess you will have to put up with the spelling errors….or do what I do. Blame it on the Typo-Fae and say the spelling errors occurred en-route ;-)**

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ch. 3? – Mu Mysteries

So, ok. this is how much of an idiot I am (and I mean it in the nicest of terms, really I do) **eye roll**

I knew I had to finish Ch. 3. I was not finished with it. or I thought I wasn’t. But, I guess at some point I had said I was and uploaded it? huh? ok. what was I thinking?

ok. strange. Anyway. I finished it. I got it uploaded. I got the prologue, ch. 1 and ch. 2 re-edited and re-uploaded.

I am working on ch. 4 now. I am also working on The Prank, of course. I don’t know what I was thinking. I really don’t. Maybe I didn’t even change that much of Ch. 3. At this point, I really don’t even know. My mind has confumbled on me. what I thought I did, and what I did do have all jumbled together. So, if there wasn’t much change, I am sorry. if there was, then yay! LOL

I don’t know if I will have Ch. 4 done in time for the scheduled upload of the 1st, but I am shooting for it. we will see. If not, we will see how close to the actual date I can get LOL.

For now, well, enjoy what there is ROFL. ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Almost ready

So, I almost have ch. 3 of Mu Mystery ready to upload for your enjoyment. Almost.

I have it edited. I have it proofed. several times.


does that mean it is error free?

oh hell no.

I don’t think I could give something error free if the fate of the entire universe depended on it. **eye roll**

Take, for instance, Judgment at Witches Court.

Do you realize how many times I went over that manuscript before I sent it in to Mundania Press? I don’t either. I lost count. It was so many times. And I had my mom, my sister, and two friends edit the thing before I went over it again. Then I sent it in. then I got it back for the proofing before it went in. Now, I haven’t actually read it since it got published. I can’t. I will have to if I decide to go through with the sequel. but I haven’t read it yet. But, just glancing through for this reason or that, I see errors here or there. my errors. not Mundania’s.

Yeah. I need a sign. I found one that fit’s me perfectly.

“I see the screw-up fairy was here again”

That’s me to a “T”

anyway, back on subject. I don’t think I will ever turn anything in that is error free regardless how many times I go over it, so if you are waiting for that…it ain’t gonna happen LOL.

So, what you are getting tomorrow, is it. At least, for now.

I am not even going to attempt to fix my tenses. if there is something I am worse at than spelling errors is getting my tenses correct. My sister helps me with that. And I figure it is not worth fixing that until the serial is finished.

So, I am giving you warning here. you are going to get errors of spelling, grammar and tenses. I’m sorry, but **shrugs** I do the best I can. I can either try to get it as error-free as I can…you may never actually see the stories at that rate, and I will never get them finished at that rate.

So, take your pick…get the stories to enjoy…with errors….or never get the stories while I try to make them error free LOL.

What’s that? You would rather have the stories?

That’s what I figured *snicker*

So, tomorrow. probably tomorrow evening is when they will be up. that is what I am aiming for anyway. We will see if it happens **glares at internet**

For now? I am going to go read and try to relax…but I am probably going to end up in here tonight working again. So, who knows…maybe you might get it tonight.

We will see…..we will seeeeeee……


**disclaimer: writer I am, writer I will always be. But spelling I never claimed to own. There will always be spelling errors, even with the aid of spell checkers. Unless I employ 20 proof-readers, and if I do that, you will never get to see these blogs…so, guess you will have to put up with the spelling errors….or do what I do. Blame it on the Typo-Fae and say the spelling errors occurred en-route ;-)**

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