Saturday, July 18, 2009

Enough is Enough

I have always loved writing. I always knew that I wanted to write books, but I also, at one point, wanted to be a journalist…but I never could keep my own musings out of it, nor could I not turn a article into a story…my biggest problem…word-length…at least, in regards to articles. So I knew that my strength would be better served to writing books verses anything else. But, I still loved to read other journalists reports.

The problem is…and keep in mind this is my own point of view…I cannot stand to read magazines or newspapers anymore, nor can I stand to watch news. Why? Journalists and reporters (for the most part), have lost their focus. They do not report on what needs to report on and report way too much on things that should be mentioned once and dropped, or should never be reported on at all.

Case in point on overkill…Michael Jackson. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did like Michael’s early years…from when he was a kid to the 80’s…some of the 90’s, but I did not care for who he turned into (now save your boo’s. I am not dissing him, just didn’t care for him. I didn’t care much for Elvis Presley either…nor the Beatles), but it was completely overkill on how much they reported on Michael’s death, and the content of the reports…especially given the fact that Farrah Fawcett died at the same time of cancer and had been an advocate in the search of treatment for it and helping others who had it, but she was just a small blip in the reports. Or given the fact of Walter Cronkite…whom I loved…died last night, and today (and today has barely started) has been nothing but tributes and memorial’s on the media. Yeah, I know they are celebrities, but, in my opinion, the media goes overboard on reporting. And this is not the celebrity media…this is normal media.

Then, and I believe this is totally wrong…look at how they report about the wars…yes, we need to know what is going on, but we don’t need to hear about it everyday, nor in great detail about it. Ok…look at it this way, They report where the troops are, what they have been doing, how many died on either side…you don’t think the opposing sides aren’t keeping tally and developing their trends to figure out where the troops will be or what they will be doing so that they can kill more? This is on all sides…not just the “good.”

Or, the people who murder, or rob…yeah, it is nice to have the public keep an eye out for them so they are caught sooner, but also think about this…they thrive on the publicity of their actions. You know most are causing more crime of every sort because they get a kick out of hearing their names and/or their exploits in the media and on every one’s lips.

ok, how about this one. drug abuse. not illegal drugs, but prescription drugs…and I am not talking about kids either. They get their eyes caught by the different prescription drugs from all of the advertisements. I know several adults…some even elderly, that see these commercials describing the problems such and such drug will fix…ignoring or not even realizing the side-effects…and the fact that most of the drug commercials give the symptoms that can be for anything, even things no where near what the drug is supposed to be used for, and they convince themselves that they a) have this problem, or b) need this particular drug…and then the abuse continues from there.

or what about this? how sue-happy America is…it has never been too good in regards to people wanting to sue others, but thanks to the lawyer commercials, there are more and more lawsuits for stupid stuff that could have been prevented by pure common sense. I mean come on…suing because you spilled hot coffee on you and the restaurant didn’t warn you that it was hot…cutting yourself with a knife because it didn’t say “careful! I’m sharp!” or, even these court shows…yes, they are entertaining, but come on already…we started out with People’s Court way back when, then when Judge Judy came on, suddenly there is an explosion of court shows and approximately 6 hours a day is devoted strictly to them on the television.

It is very rare to hear feel-good stories on the news anymore. If you do, it is a mere blip in the 30- to 1-hour news shows full of shootings, accidents, celebrity goings-on, natural and not-so-natural disasters, etc…

come on people…regain focus of what is important…sure, everyone’s opinion is different on what is important…but do you think our society is going to get any better by continuing the down-slide into over-reporting or negative stories?

I know I won’t make a difference. the need for negativity just feeds on itself until that is all people seem to focus on, but at least I have my opinion out there. for what good it does.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

almost back in business

Woohoo! Ok. so following all my drama about the computer, I have finally won **ok, where is some wood to knock on, where is my rabbits foot? where is my lucky unicorn???** LOL. So, got all the parts of the computer working. got the monitor working. do I have the wireless internet working? Nope. Giagantico the computer here has finally told me under no uncertain terms will it work with wireless. talk about a spoilsport. He…and it is definitely a he…says that while he will permit me to browse the internet with wireless, if I think I am going to actually get work done, I have another think coming to me. This is how it went. Of course, I started out with the router and hub in the kitchen near dads desk. I could get online…sort of. So we got the cable of the hub to come into the office with the router. still the same. everybody else can get on the wireless, but not me. So I connect a Ethernet cable direct to the router, and voila! I am fully online. So, my question is…why do I always seem to be tied down with cables (and [pump] tubing???) Just once I would love to fly solo without something attached to me ROFL. So, internet running. now, I need to finish up chapter 2…there is no way I am going to get chapter 3 finished this month…the month is already half-gone…where’d it go anyway? but, I promise (And all gremlins better listen to this promise) that chapter two of Mu will be uploaded by the first…come hell, hail, high-water or the wrath of the coputer gods. I will defeat all and win! **cowers under the desk** ok, ok. I didn’t mean it. I promise I won’t anger any gods…**whimper** I be a good girl. I won’t cause any problems…**strokes loverly computer** I will be nice to Giagantico. I will feed him and groom him and tell love poems **gag** to him. just let me keep working. just let me stay online. I will make sure he has pletny to eat so that he doesn’t have to munch on my files…I promise! **looks entreatingly up at the sky…**

Monday, July 13, 2009

cleaning and more cleaning

So, We had company (The maximum that were here at one point was 10 people, not counting me, dad or mom. It was all my middle brothers family) from Friday night until Tuesday morning of last week, and Tuesday morning we had to go to Salt Lake. then, waking up Wednesday morning, I had the bug to clean. Now bear in mind, I was not feeling good from going to Salt Lake. So Here I am sick, and I get the bug to clean...and not just clean, but deep clean. I tore throughout the house and cleaned everything. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each day, I cleaned to the point that I could barely walk and could not stand upright. Saturday morning my older brother and family arrived. They left Sunday evening. But on Saturday, my two nieces helped me clean. Then...After having the house scrubbed and vacuumed, my dad bathed two of our dogs, and shaved one. So, now we have hair trailing throughout the house big time again and I have to rescrub some of our surfaces. today though...I am dead. I can barely function. And I have several bug bites on top of it...keep in mind that I am allergic to mosquito the bites are super itchy and huge...though, not as big as they normally get. It is not uncommon for bug bites to get as big as, or even bigger, than silver dollar coins. I suspect I have a couple of bites in my hair as well, as my head is super itchy as well. As for writing? hmmmm...not so much. My brain is running at full force, as in the thoughts are roiling and rampaging through...a lot of the thoughts are not pretty at all. Remember my last blog when I said there was a lot going on, stuff I cannot talk about? Well, still going on and will be for some time to come, add it to everything else, and my thoughts are not pretty at all...part of which contributed to the cleaning. between the bug bites, the cleaning and not having gotten over the trip to Salt Lake, and my asthma has been horrible, got a lovely migraine...well...I am hoping that I will be able to be in a place to do some writing later today, or tomorrow...Usually with my writing, I absolutely cannot write out of sequence, or the story gets too jumbled for me to keep track of. but, if the migraine subsides a little, I might break my own rule and use the ugly thoughts for some of the not-too-pretty scenes in some of my stories...of course, I do not know if I will be able to use it for Mu, but I can definitely use it for The Prank. like I said, just need to have this migraine subside a little. I can feel the pressure in my head, both from the migraine, and also from the wanting to crossed for in a little bit. I love my brothers dearly, but I really, really, really hope neither of them come up this coming weekend...we need a break.

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