Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ch. 2 of Mu Mysteries is…

…uploaded. I also fixed the prologue and Ch. 1. I have no clue how I missed the spelling and grammatical errors. I must have been in such a rush, or a daze, when I originally finished them and uploaded them. I also fixed some information errors in it. So, while not perfectly perfect, it is a lot better.

You can read them here:

I have been spending the last 3 days trying to get Adobe Reader to install on my computer. It absolutely refused to. So, today, I ended up getting a different kind of PDF viewer that was also free. Foxit Reader. A lot like Adobe, but takes up less resources and loads a lot faster. Also use a program called PDF ReDirect to create my PDF files. I like it a lot better than Adobe….resource hog that it is.

Anyway, going to go do a few things on Facebook and go take care of my kids on Neopets…forgot about them, they are probably starving LOL…and then…we will see. I am probably going to take the rest of the day off.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Look around your damn car

Ok. Damn it . This happens all the time, and yet people do not learn. Just in a few days 2 children have been run over by relatives because they do not look around their cars. This is ridiculous and completely preventable.

Here is my advice.

Instead of getting into such a hurry that you have to jump into your car and immediately pull out, when you go to get in your car, start on the passenger side and walk around the back of the car, quickly ducking to look under, look in front of the car and then get in. It takes only a few more steps and a few more seconds, and you can save injuries and possibly lives…and this does not just count with kids, but also with animals.

There is nothing worth rushing for. Life will not stop if you take a few extra steps to look…actually, you will prevent a life from stopping if you do.

Give yourself time. Do not rush. Life is not worth wasting by rushing…in the long run, rushing will only cost you more time eventually.

look. by gods, just look.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Words That Annoy Me…Hump Day

I need to sit down and write the list of words that annoy me so that I can sit down every Wednesday and be able to write this. I have a few planned ahead, but not nearly as many as I know that are out there ;-)

Today isn’t a word as much as it is a phrase…but it has annoyed me forever. This phrase is…**insert drum roll**…Hump Day. When I was a child to now. I hadn’t heard it for a few years and i was hoping it took a dive in popularity…but just in the last few weeks, it seems to have made a resurgence in my life LOL.

Hump Day. Yeah, it describes Wednesday as the middle of the week and getting “over the hump” to the end of the week. That is all well and good. But, LOL, when I was a child, I took it at it’s figurative meaning and wondered why everyone planned on sex on this day :-| hehehe. I could never figure out why, out of every day of the week, it was so special to plan for sex on a Wednesday…I always figured a weekend would be best…more time ;-) Especially for people to be talking in school or work about it! Of course, my brothers didn’t encourage this thought. ohhhh no. Not at all.

It took until I was in middle school to figure out exactly what people meant by this phrase. And ever since, I just cringe when I hear this phrase. Partly because it is just a stupid phrase. It’s Wednesday…big deal. Just another day of the week to me. But also because it brings back the embarrassment. Of course, I am letting the world in on this embarrassing factor, but hey. Might as well laugh about it ;-)

I know a lot of people like the phrase “hump day” and that getting past Wednesdays is a big deal for a lot of people…but for me, personally…dump it. Put it in the gutter where it sounds like it belongs and let it be washed out to the ocean. I am not a prude…oh hell no. I will answer just about anything. the key word there is “answer".” I rarely volunteer information. But, I do love the shock factor and will answer just about anything. You know the saying “Don’t ask if you don’t want to know the answer.” But…hump day…**shudders**

So, I guess, since I cannot kill the phrase, I will leave you with…”Have a happy **cringe** Hump Day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The truth will out

I was finally given the cold hard truth about me today…**le sigh**

“You have no business talking to anyone today: you're a phony and everyone knows it.”

ROFL that was my sarcastic horoscope for the day

Since last Wednesday, I don’t think I have sat down much, except when I am at the computer working. In between writing I have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.

In fact, I am still where my last blog was at…where did the time go?. I have just a few more things to do to Ch. 2 to get it uploaded, and I am going to redo fix Ch. 1. I see a lot of errors that somehow passed me by, and I need to fix the layout a little…not to mention, the font. What was I thinking with that font???

I have also been working on my personal library, and my reference library. I am finally doing what I have always said I was going to do…make my library more on the layout of a public library…I am being very anal. Always have been in regards to my books though. LOL. This is how I am going to catalog them in the computer:

Catalog number (and yes, I am using the Dewey Decimal System…I have always liked that system.), Author (Last name, First); Title; Year; Series Name; Description (the dusk jacket blurb); Character names (only for certain series/books, and it will just be the main characters); What kind of binding; If it is a reference, fiction or non-fiction; genre; if it is a classic or not; and then, finally, the ISBN numbers.

I told you I am anal about it. I get tired of remembering a character name and not the title, or the title but not the author, description but not the title, etc. You get the picture.

I can be the world’s most unorganized person in the world, but when it comes to books (and CD’s) and computer files, I have to have things just so. I am going to make a personal library for the CD’s as well, but I don’t have that many in the scheme of things of those, so I am not too worried about them LOL.

Time to get back to the grind.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

where did the time go?

Ok…last I checked it was the 20th…where did the days go? I have been so busy doing everything other than writing that I have lost all sense of time. I need to get back to the grinding wheel and finish the edits of ch. 2…which should have been finished a while ago. **tears hair out** Time to put the sign on the door and lock it. time to chain me to the chair.

Will surface later and blog about a few things.

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