Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where have I been . . . ?

That is a good question. Sometimes I don’t even know where I have been. Between home, health and school, the time has disappeared. I have not even been able to write much, it has been that bad. And do you realize how much I am missing writing?

Let me see if I can break it down.

With home, health and school, I have been trying to keep up on things, but my health has decided to throw some more problems my way. Well, I shouldn’t say that they are *new,* more that they are worse and that they are finally diagnosed. Or . . . some of them *are* new. see? I can’t even keep it straight in my head! and trying to keep up with home and health with school in there . . . well, that means I have been extremely wired and tired. it finally caught up with me yesterday. I will go into it in a minute.

First . . . health. should I start with the bottom (feet. feet. clean minds people *wink*) and go up to the head, or head down . . . ?) I will start with the feet. So I went to nerve doctor and had a nerve conduction test run on me feet and legs and found the peripheral nerves are pretty damaged. which means that I don’t feel much in my feet. thanks diabetes! and it extends almost up to my knees.

Also, for several months I have been having problems with one or other of my legs collapsing from under me and the nerve test revealed that my autonomic neuropathy has progressed to attacking the nerves main nerve in my legs. So now I have to have a cane with me.

So, on to the next section. my arms. same thing. peripheral neuropathy in my hands, and possible autonomic neuropathy. but also I have pinched nerves in both elbows and both wrists, which cause all of the fingers in my left hand to go numb and my thumb and first two fingers in my right hand to go numb. gee . . . wonder why. couldn’t be because I am always on the computer or reading, could it??? we are going to avoid surgery as long as possible, however. surgery is the worst thing I could do.

So I saved the worst for last. My eyes. I have always had bad eyes. and ever since my diagnosis with diabetes at age 13 in 1990, I was always told the odds were I would have eye problems, probably blindness. I always knew that I would be blind. when? I didn’t know, but I knew it would be a “if”, not “when”.That eventuality is closer. and I am starting to have to use aids to see properly when writing and reading. what is wrong? a condition called Macular Pucker. it basically is like looking through cellophane and in of itself will lead to a certain extent of vision loss, but I also have diabetic retinopathy which is going to take my vision, especially combined with the macular pucker. there is treatment for the two, but with my health and the risks . . . I am not sure if the doctors and I, when the time is right, will decide that it will be an option for me. each day is a surprise with my eyes. some days are worse than others. And add to the mix are ocular migraines that are an almost daily occurrence.

Then school. I have had two papers that I have been working on. one that I have been working on my own, and one that I have been working on with a team. Not too busy with the papers, not usually. but with the doctor appointments, it has put my schedule a lot tighter than I am used to.

because of the trips to the doctor, I have been extremely tired, but so wired that I could not sleep. but it finally caught up to me yesterday when I crashed and slept for 18 hours.

I am hoping that after a couple more days of sleep, of good sleep, that I will be caught back up now that my doctor appointments are slowing down, though they are not finished. I have a dentist appointment week after next, and another doctor appointment the 6th. And hopefully I will be able to get back to writing on top of everything else. before my mind starts going wacko *wink*

Now, hopefully this wasn’t too much information *laugh*

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