Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Too much

Hey all…it has been way too long since I have written anything in the blog…or rather blogs…so much has been going on that I am still reeling. I have hardly written anything since the beginning of the year, and I will explain why…

It all started a year ago last Easter. That was when my grandpa died. Then that following July, Grandma moved in with us due to her Alzheimer’s. Then at the beginning of the year…or rather, then end of January, my mom died. It was shortly after then that I started college. Grandma died from her Alzheimer’s the end of July and a week later one of our favorite dogs died. Then as of Monday, my dad remarried.

All of this has been too much for me and I have not been able to settle down to write anything…I have wanted to, but when I sit down to do it, I could not even think of where to begin. the same thing with the blogs. I just did not know what to say. Because of all of this, I am dropping out of school…at least, for now. I hope to go back soon, but for now, I can’t handle school anymore. Also, because of all of this, my health is the worst it has been for quite some time.

I am still waiting for the publication of Into the Forest…I am not sure when it will be released as of yet. Though I do have the cover, and I need to post it on the website (and do updates there as well…) and on Facebook and get active on my Facebook fan page. I am hoping to get 0n all of that again here really soon…

With dropping out of school, I should be able to concentrate more on writing…I am hoping so anyway. I am going to start writing on the blog(s) more frequently as well…hoping to get back into some semblance of a routine. Here’s having my fingers crossed anyway! *laugh*

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