Friday, May 15, 2009

Time consuming…and fun

Still working on consolidating my files. I still have at least one more full day of sitting at the computer to get it done…maybe even two days. not sure. It is annoying, frustrating, time consuming…but it will be well worth it when I can actually find things when I need them, instead of taking days going through all the CDs.

But, I also got some packages today…fun. books to read, for fun and for writing. the ones for writing, are going to be interesting. Of course, two I won’t read through, just get things out when I need it…or when I am bored. They are an English/Greek dictionary and an English/Irish dictionary. The other book that I am going to really enjoy reading for writing is The Big Book of Revenge: 200 Dirty Tricks For Those Who Are Serious About Getting Even by George Hayduke. He has several other revenge books that I want. They are going to come in very handy for the Hubris story, since the twins do not know how to stay out of trouble. **insert evil grin here**

but for tonight…I am mentally drained from this tedious working on the files, so I am going to grab the book I am just about to finish up, read it, and then start in on my new stack :-D

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is it over yet? Not quite

I am still consolidating CDs. I counted and I had 79 CDs to do. By the time I am done, I will have about 10, probably less. The two that will take the most is the pictures and the fonts. yes, you heard me right…fonts. I have around twenty thousand fonts…and while I don’t use them all, I use the vast majority of them…especially when I am working on graphics…though, to be fair, I haven’t done many graphics lately. Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done. I also helped my dad move the furniture today…though he did the majority. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either as I still have several things to consolidate on the computer. tiring day. some days, sitting at the computer is a pain…literarily.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


why is it I never seem to be able to do a short blog?

what did I get myself in to?

of all the things to decide to do today, with everything I have going on project wise, I decide to take all of my back-up CDs (almost 100) and consolidate them into as few as I can. I decided to take all of the CDs, go through them to take the files that I need/want, so that I can throw the old CDs away. I got tired of having to search through my CDs for things, only to find duplicate after duplicate of the same file over numerous CDs. So I launched into this project. It will be much nicer when I am finished, My CDs collection will be vastly decreased…but sheesh, I didn’t realize (I should have, but I wasn’t thinking) that it would be this long. I am halfway through. But there are files that I needed to find that it was a chore going through all of the CD’s. I did start on the cover art for Mu Mysteries, and got a couple other little things d0ne with Hubris, but the main project turned out to be trying to slog my way through all of these CDs. Amazing how they accumulate. over the years. while doing this, I somehow got infected with the mal-ware YOOG. LOL I did research on how to get rid of it, and they all said it is long and labor intensive…but, I don’t know if I totally got rid of it, but with deleting a couple of installed files and a couple of plug-ins in IE, it seems to be gone. **knock on wood**. At least, my home page has not switched back over to YOOG, and it is not listed in my IE plug-in page. so maybe…if I did get rid of it, I somehow managed to do it much easier than anyone else…and without having to uninstall/install IE again, or having to do another reformat. I was bound and determined I wasn’t going to do that. This was even with my internet provider going down for about an hour. We have been having so many problems with HughesNet that we are seriously looking into another satellite internet provider. Now, I need to figure out why my two monitors don’t want to activate during the log-in process…one or the other will work, but it takes several tries to get both of them to work. They get power and picture…but for some reason my video card (at least I think it is my video card. doesn’t like sending signals to both of them most of the time. So, I went ahead and shut off my spare monitor for right now until I figure out the problem. I would rather be back to one monitor then risk burning them both out, or burning my computer up. I am not going to plan what I am going to do tomorrow, project-wise. I am tired of deciding what to do, only to get side-tracked, or called to another project. So, tomorrow comes as tomorrow comes. I do know that first thing in the morning, I have to call the insulin pump company to find out what is going on. so for now, I am going to go to bed. I hurt. Time to try to sleep through the pain, at least part of the night. Night all!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

blog then bed

I was going to put in a semi-long blog with chit-chat in it. but not tonight. too tired. I added a short prologue to the chapter one of Mu Mysteries, so when I post it in a little over two weeks, I will have a combined prologue/chapter one…though, thinking about it…it is not exactly an prologue. It is part of the story, in a way, so I think I will call it more of an intro than an actual prologue…at least in the link/file name. so it will be intro/chapter one when you go find it when it is up. In the morning, I will do the editing and small changes that I can guarantee will be needed before making it a PDF…after that, I am not sure if I am going to start Chapter two, or work on Underhill or Prank…we will see what mood I am in when I wake up LOL. I might even work on Grakas…hmmm Grakas sounds good right about now. I have not had a chance to play with my little gnome for a few, so maybe I just might work on him. course, will have to review to see where I left off. working on multiple projects have their drawbacks along with their pros…pro: muse (and me) don’t get bored. con: hard to decide what to work on at a given time. Pro: no crazy nightmares ;-). con: often have to review where I left off…can go on, but am too tired. so, off I go to bed to snuggle with warm furry bodies.

finished…with one thing at least

Well, today I finished chapter 1 of Mu. Just a slight bit of editing needed and then I will be ready to convert it to PDF so I can upload it on the first. I am actually getting quite excited about this. How much traffic it generates…who knows. But it is fun to do anyway. Hmm that reminds me, I need to go over the website and insert keywords in the meta-file so that the search engines can place the site.... I forgot to do that when I revamped it. Not that my website gets much traffic as is, but…it is there for those that need to find it. I need to find a way to generate more traffic to it…gotta do some research on that LOL. I am still doing the research for the Greek gods so I can do the intensive family tree. So far, the two major places I have been using for my research, thus far, is the book The Encyclopedia of Gods by Michael Jordan (Yes, I am serious about the name there LOL. The first time I saw it I had to grin) and then I am using the website If you need to do research on gods of any flavor (including demons and saints and martyrs among many other things), and you want to see it done with humor, I highly recommend this site for a laugh. I love what they have done with the information. I may go to a third source for the gods, but I pretty much have what I want from the book and this site for the background knowledge for the gods so I can adapt them to the Hubris series that I may not…Some of the main gods I am using, I do have to get some information about their attributes to go along with the information about them that they may require just a little bit more research, but for the most part, I have what I need to continue the story…keeping in mind that this series is not going to have the god(dess)es according to their proper behavior in legends…the information I am gathering is just for my purpose to make sure I have who is who right…for the most part anyway. Also some of the adventures they have had (or problems they have caused) so I can reference back to it by my characters. Let’s see…tomorrow is Wednesday, so I should be able to concentrate pretty good. We will see for sure ;-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

almost there

you know, there is nothing like typing up 35 pages worth of information about the Greek and Roman gods. I had to type it because it was out of a book, and i wanted it in a specific way. I could have continued to go too and from the book for the information when I needed it, but it was proving too much of a chore to get the book, look up the information and whatnot when I wanted specific information. This way I have it all in one place that I can get to really easy…I need to get online and get some specific information that was not in the book, but that I will be able to copy and paste (hopefully) rather than type it up.

Now that that is finished (or virtually anyway), I can get started on the “family tree” of the Greek pantheon. Why did I want the Roman information if I am just concentrating on the Greek information? Well, the Greek and Roman gods were so close that sometimes they overlap…which I imagine you already knew, but that is not the reason…the reason is, I want to use the Roman names to torment the gods in Hubris…also (on a smaller scale), I want some of the Greek’s to actually want to be from the Roman side as part of the feud.

I need to do some cleaning tomorrow, but then I will get back on Mu and finish chapter one up so I can get started on chapter two for July’s uploading. I think I will do the upload’s in PDF format, and then when the eBook is finished, I will put it together in a PDF file itself so it can be gotten chapter by chapter or by the whole book. I have no clue how many chapters it will be, so it will be as much of a surprise to me as it will be to you.

By the way….to all the mothers out there….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ;-)

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