Saturday, June 20, 2009

long day

No birthday party. Well wishers, of course, but no party…no cake, just me and parents…and phone calls. If I can’t have no birthday’s, than this is the closest to ignoring my birthday as I can get. No, it is not because of my age…32 is not old…not in comparison to my soul LOL. But…birthday’s just have never meant much to me. Oh, I love talking to people…birthdays bring people out that you have not talked to in a while…I just don’t care for birthdays much.

I was asleep. Actually fell asleep at about 6 PM. didn’t mean to, just happened. Been a long day. I helped dad move my old desk into the almost finished office. This desk and computer are going to be my moms when I can get my new computer and my grandpa’s desk set up for me. (I really didn’t want a new computer, but my dad’s computer died on him, and so we ordered a new computer for him…but the computer that was going to be my mom’s (my old one) decided it doesn’t want to work very well itself…I decided to give mom this computer and get me a new one.

But after I got this computer set up in the office, I went into my room and rearranged my bedroom. It is strange to not have the glaring lights or the fan running in my room, not to mention having my bed in a new place…when my cat decided he wanted to roam between the foot of the bed and snuggling up with me, then back to the foot, etc., it woke me up sufficiently that my eyes won’t stay close.

After I got my bedroom finished, my dad and I went over to grandma’s and retrieved grandpa’s desk that he gave me before he died.

So I had a very physical day. my body is letting me know that LOL.

Then, of course, I had a prologue for The Prank hit me and now my brain won’t let me even think about resting until I get it written down.

So, good birthday. physical day. but good day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Greek Gods are *Fabulous!*


I am working on and inserting the new material that I found…well, I guess that would be old material since I already wrote it LOL. But it is going in very nicely and I have some very good lines in there. I adore the Greek gods. Always have. And I hope my interpretation of them goes over well. I think once I have this new bit in the story will continue well from the point I left it. I hope so…I hate when my writing goes in stop and go’s. But for tonight, I had to quit. Have a headache and my tummy is giving me pains. So, no more for tonight. Time to go read…what do I want to read tonight…Laurell K Hamilton, or Jules Verne? I think I will go for Hamilton…need some paranormal in my mind tonight LOL.

new dentist / writing progress

ok, so as you know, I went to the dentist Monday morning…talk about a vast difference, in everything.

Well, the root of the visit was a minor consultation. I am scheduled for a week from Friday with his hygienist, and are going to have a thorough teeth cleaning so that he can get a better picture of what we are going to do. He wants to do the dentures as a very last result. with all of my health problems, I would face quite a few more complications. Which of course, I am expecting…but I will try his way first. He flat out told me that I could go to another dentist and they would not hesitate to pull my teeth, but he is very worried about the after-affect with the health problems I already have. It will take several visits and then once I am going well, he wants to see me at least 3 times a year. He wants me to work with both him and the hygienist. he told me that yes, my teeth and how I feel about them are rock bottom, but he is pretty confident that he can pull them back and get them better. We will see, but I will at least give it a good try. he wants to get me going with a very intense daily regimen each day. But, this is all guesswork right now, as he needs to have a longer scheduled time with me so he can do a thorough exam.

As for writing. well, lately there hasn’t been much of progress. I have not been able to settle my mind very well. none of my usual tricks have worked. I have gotten some progress…just not much. Also, the week before last I just didn’t feel good, couldn’t get my brain to function properly. and this week has been hell in terms of free time to get anything done.

I did sit down to write today…I started on Mu, but ran into a portion that is critical to the story, on how it is exactly that she communicates with the gods…I thought I had a workable way, but it does not suit the needs of the story. So I moved on to The Prank…well, my files became unorganized in that folder, and before I clicked to organize them, I saw a file named “Greek God Story” dated about 4 years ago. I do not remember working on this. Long before I started on Hubris. So, I opened the file and it didn’t look familiar. I printed it out so I could look closer at it, and now it looks familiar. Reading it, I remember starting it. I guess I did start Hubris before I realized it. Where The Prank starts at one of the twins pranks (evident of the title LOL), this re-discovered part of the story starts at their parents…romance. (Ares and the nymph, Daphne…yup, the same Daphne that Apollo wanted)

There are a few things that I will need to fix, such as some of the overall tone of this piece, but it will be fantastic to start out The Prank.

Thanks to running into the snafu with Mu, my brain has turned to mush. I need to do some brainstorming on that segment…Adelfi? Where are you? LOL…but after dinner, I might just put this new segment at the beginning of The Prank…I do need to eat. All I have had today is 2 cans of lemonade and a bowl of bbq chips. Not quite the right kind of food for brain stimulation LOL

Monday, June 15, 2009


I am up waaay too early LOL. My original dentist appointment was until 12:30, but when they called, they offered me an earlier appointment…now for me, afternoon appointments are just fine, but for dad, who is my driver…nope. he has way too much to do and an afternoon appointment will throw his schedule off…so, up early am I. We have to leave in under an hour, and I still have to do a few things to get ready…most importantly, gathering up the paperwork and just flat out, waking up LOL. I am so hoping he does what I want without too much fuss. I know he is going to lecture me about my teeth, so we will see what happens. What makes me sad about my teeth, is up until a few years ago, I had the best teeth in my immediate family…not the greatest, but out of the 5 of us, I had the best. But, then my teeth started to break and crack for unknown reasons and my teeth have deteriorated at a steady to rapid pace since then. **sigh** now they are constantly breaking, cracking and just overall turning bad, regardless what I do. So, this is the reason that I am pushing for dentures. I cannot take the pain of my mouth anymore, I know it is a big contributor of my migraines, and is one of the (many) reasons that my diabetes just plain ol’ sucks. I have my grandmothers teeth…hers started doing this exact same thing. so, if everything works out the way it should be, I will be a 32 year old that already has had a hysterectomy despite not having any children, and will have dentures. Fun eh? ok, I better go finish getting ready. Wish me luck

Sunday, June 14, 2009

bad week

been a really bad week. haven’t felt good at all. I hate when I feel like this. I cannot pin down why I feel so horrible…it is such a mixture of things, that it is like one thing is affecting another and another until there is so many new symptoms it is impossible to tell where it originated. I know I have had a few incidences with the diabetes, and then the migraines…but it is beyond that. I just don’t know.

Tomorrow is definitely the dentist appointment…I am not sure what he will do tomorrow…I do know at least part of it will be consultation to see what shape my teeth are in, and talk about dentures…but other than that, I don’t know.

I have felt so horrible this part week that I have not felt up to doing anything. I need to work on Mu Mysteries so I will have chapter 2 to post on the first of July, I have other WIPs to work on, but just don’t have any energy or feel well enough to do any of it. **sigh**

I received my Teach Yourself Greek yesterday, and I was looking through it, and put the audio files onto my iPod so I can start working with it…but didn’t even feel well enough to really do that.

I wish I knew what is wrong. I feel that it is such a combination of things…between the pain in my teeth, my head, my body from the fibromyalgia and arthritis, my diabetes, my digestion and colitis, it is just such a combination that I am just miserable. I hope this bout passes soon…


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