Thursday, May 28, 2009

P.S. bad anniversary

I forgot…been meaning to mention this all day, but…

I think that another reason this was a bad day for writing is because to marks my 19 year anniversary battling diabetes. This day is always hard for me. Some days I don’t think I will make it, while other days I wish I didn’t have to fight anymore…fight any of my health problems, but most of all, the diabetes…I just want to give up. But then I do have good days. I think it is the good days that keep me fighting, even when my very soul cries out for mercy. This day, each year, just always hits me harder with everything related to my health, and especially the diabetes. That is why I believe that part of the reason for not writing is because of this day specifically. Anyway, going to try to distract myself again, or even go to bed to end this day.

no writing

Ok…so I didn’t do any writing. between my hand and just not feeling too good today, I did not get anything done, other than uploading Mu Mysteries. Hate when I don’t get anything done. maybe tomorrow…

Mu Mysteries is up!

I just couldn’t wait. I know it only 4 more days until the date I set for the official release, But, I just couldn’t wait. I am very excited about this. So the prologue and first chapter of Mu Mysteries is uploaded on my website.


To view it, you will need Adobe Reader. ;-)

When I got up this morning, my right hand was so sore…my arthritis has been flaring up in it over the past week or so. It was to the point that I could barely even move my hand. Worse in the thumb, pinky, right side of the palm and the wrist. But now that I have been up and moving it for a few hours, it is feeling a little better. So I might be able to write after all. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to. I will try it and go from there.

I hope you go check out Mu Mysteries and that you enjoy it. The next chapter will be posted toward the end of June.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

no more tonight

I had a short, but good session on The Prank today. my Twins are getting themselves into deep hot water. just about ready to face their big punishment. hmm did I stress enough words in there? LOL. Knew Hera hated the twins, but I didn’t realize just how much.

All the years I have had this story in my mind, though mostly unformed, I have always known that Hera hated them, since their conception and birth. I have never figured out just why she hates them, perhaps, now that I am developing the story, I will be clued in. We will see. It might be a secret that she will be determined to keep until the very end…and not knowing how many books this will be, it may be a long time in coming.

I would implore her to be kinder to the twins, but she has never listened to me. LOL.

I didn’t actually make a lot of pages. the time was too short for that, but what few pages I did do, came out very well, and was a very crucial piece to the story line.

I would work more tonight, but I missed my first dose of asthma meds yesterday morning, and because I was working on the songs and the god list…I completely spaced taking it until it was time for bed. And then today, I had to go outside to watch the dogs to make sure they didn’t go in the septic hole, I decided to play with them…well, because of yesterday, and the activity, my lungs are killing me and I am having a hard time breathing. I am going to go take all of my meds shortly, so I am waiting to take my inhaler until its regular time. My mom has had breathing problems since about my age, and I knew it hurt and was a pain by watching her, and it is. And I don’t have breathing problems near what she has. The thing is, I am following right in her footsteps. Everything she has gotten, I have gotten around the same age she developed it. Which is not a very good thing, considering the diabetes on top of everything…and if i develop the liver/lung disease she has…not a very good prospect. The thing is, I am a known carrier of this disease…it is genetic…and so was my grandpa, and it was the reason for his death…It is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. and you have to have a specific combination of genes to be either a carrier or know you have it. My grandpa, and I were just carriers. My uncle, Aunt and Mother have the worst possible combination of genes. oops, didn’t mean to go into that ROFL.

So…for me, I am going to relax tonight and try to get my lungs and everything else calmed down…it also didn’t help that I threw the ball a couple of times, instead of kicking it, for my dogs…and now that shoulder, which is the better shoulder, is mad at me too LOL. So I am off before I cause myself anymore bodily harm ;-)

Enjoy the rest of the evening!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

wiped…and whipped

My blood sugars crashed really bad this evening. I had forgone dinner because of being nauseated, and my blood sugars decided that, out of the blue, and out of the norm, they were going to crash hard core. I hate that. It leaves me both mentally wiped and physically whipped. by brain feels like mush right now, with a side order of migraine. Amazingly enough, I handle extreme highs much better than I do even slight lows. My body is so used to functioning with my blood sugars at least in the 200’s, if not higher, so when I start going low, instead of feeling the lows around 70 (like normal people ;-) ), my body feels the low at 100. always has. the doctors tell me that it is a false low…well, tell my body that when I shake and tremble and can barely walk or think or talk when they are only 100. and it is not just a slight tremble either…it is full-out, I cannot hold anything tremble…oh, and also my vision either gets really fuzzy, or doubles on me. Course, before eating my snack this evening, all I had had to eat was a bowl of instant oatmeal and a glass of raspberry iced tea…yeah, I know, I should eat more, and more constantly, but when food doesn’t agree with me, I even have to force myself to eat what I do. That is not my normal eating, I do eat a little more than what I did today, I swear I do LOL.

Our septic tank is still in the process of being repaired. We thought it was just the enzymes had stopped working in it. So we lived with it since the beginning of the year. But it got to the point that it constantly backing up, so we had them come out with a backhoe, and we found out that not only was the distribution box and the leech lines higher than the actual septic tank, but the pipe used had collapsed. The entire length of the leech lines were also completely blocked up, so it was not draining properly. Because of rain, they had to stop working on it for a few days, and in that time, the hole they had started had filled half-full with water. The ground was so saturated from the years of not working properly, that the water was just standing. no evaporation, no absorption. talk about a pain. And because we have to totally redo the distribution box and the leech lines, which we were not prepared for, they had to also leave the job half-finished because they had to get new supplies. Hopefully it will be at least made functional tomorrow, depending on weather. Then once it is partially functional, then they can get the hole buried in the main backyard and continue to extend the leech lines into the field. That was another problem…when it was put in, the person skimped on the leech lines and did not extend them far enough out.

So far we still have the stray horse. They were supposed to come out today to pick him up, but they were unable to get out here…so there is still a slight hope that we can talk the state into leaving him here and us paying the going rate instead of risking being outbid, or not being able to make it to the auction.

I tried to write today, and I got a little done, but between the septic tank and being disturbed with the machinery, and dad in the office using power tools, and not being able to really settle, I gave up writing for today. I did work a little on the Greek God list that I am building (should have done this a long time ago), but ended up mostly finishing up my music list. I just need to re-find the songs I have for my sleep music tomorrow, and I will be able to sync my iPod. I have just over 4300 songs on it, plus several audio books, podcasts, games and movies. I way over killed with the size of it. I got the 160 GB iPod Classic when I bought it, and I am still in the triple digits with storage space with all that. LOL

Ok…my brain is saying enough. I chatted more than I intended to LOL. So I am going to sign off now.

Before I go. I finally joined twitter. my twitter address is or you can just look for my name.

Bed is calling….night!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Frustration continues / strange animals, cont.

Frustration. continuing from last night. though, amazingly enough, not about language. I actually am doing surprisingly well teaching myself to convert a word from Greek glyph to Roman glyph, then into English…though I have not done many, I am actually figuring it out. At least with the Greek.

No, what is frustrating today, is I made it to a crucial spot in The Prank, and now I have to check a fact about Apollo and Helios, I have heard conflicting information of them, and I need to see which one is the more accepted…and I cannot continue that story without knowing, because depending on which “truth” is the more accurate one, depends on how the future story will be.

So, I moved on to Grakas and, I got frustrated with it. It has been longer since I have worked on it than any of the stories that I need to refamiliarize myself with the story. I hate when that happens, because then I start playing with the story instead of making actual progress on it. Dang it. I am going to do my best to restrain myself when refamilizarizing myself with it.

So I moved onto Underhill…but by this time I was so frustrated with The Prank and Grakas, that I took one look at the words on my screen and I just shut it back down.

Time for me to step away and distract myself. Maybe I will go clean the bathroom and maybe vacuum. Anything to distract myself and get me out of this mood. I know, I will definitely clean my room…not that it is dirty, but my shelves do need a bit of straightening. Then the bathroom LOL.

For now, enjoy the next two animals in our family…

Next we have Babe, a Lassie Collie (that’s what we call them, though we do know that they are technically called English Collies ;-)) Babe was an interesting creature for the sheer fact that when we got her, she was addicted to Cheetos and Beer. She would do anything to get dads beer cans, preferably before they were empty. We had an antique western bar filled with beer bottles and cans and such. We had a Bud Light demo can that had liquid in it. One day, we found her on the floor with that demo can in her mouth, getting ready to punch it open with her teeth. We didn’t have her too long, because of stomach cancer.

Then we move to Odie…I bought Odie from some friends. They had raised many dogs, so we trusted them and didn’t think to check, when they told us she was a he. Like I said, we never thought to check. So I called her Odin. Well, when she went into heat, we learned the truth, and boy were we surprised. Months and months of thinking she was an Odin to suddenly become and Odette. Trust me, our vets had a laugh a minute when we told them. She is a beautiful, but ragged, Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler. Her coloring is the most striking of that mixture that I have ever seen. And she is very loving…until she gets mad, then she goes after whatever made her mad like a badger…you know how badgers make that funny noise, and will follow its target for miles? that is Odie. She also nibbles on her target like they are a piece of corn on the cob, snorting the whole while she is doing it. She has a basketball out in the horse/goat field that she chases around by pushing it with her nose. She would make a good soccer dog LOL.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


A little bit done. Not any actual writing though. Now that I have my Irish dictionary, I had to double-check some of my words/phrases that I used in Into the Forest…and when I get my galley to review before the finalization, I have a couple of words I am going to have to fix. **sigh** that’s what I get for using random websites to gather the words instead of going right to the source…well, as close to the source as I could get. I wish I had someone that speaks both English and Irish (and same with Greek), but I don’t. So I am going to have to use what resources I do have…inadequate though they may be. I really wish I could learn Irish, and Greek, properly. a big draw back to living away from civilization and not being able to travel. Oh well. I do what I can, and if I make mistakes…well, I wish I don’t, but…I do what I can. I am a bit frustrated with myself tonight, so I need to get off the computer, and go get my mind out of the game for the night. Tomorrow is another day…won’t help the language situation though… **sigh**

progress…yay!/strange animals, cont.

I didn’t get to work on anything new yesterday. I sort of got hooked on retyping the old story…and it definitely has possibilities of being continued in the future. So, it went into my WIP pile. Course, I have enough projects going on right now to even consider taking anything new on LOL. Between vacuuming and moving furniture to vacuum under it, and then sitting at my computer for hours, my whole body, especially my shoulders and back, was screaming by the time I finished typing the story. I was going to work more, until I could barely move that is LOL.

That was yesterday. Today…I finished the Mu Mysteries things that I had left to do before uploading it on the 1st. I finished the cover…and it looks really good, for an amateur that is ;-). I got it put into the PDF file, all the links created…and I finally got the keywords put onto the pages. So come the 1st…a week from tomorrow, it will be uploaded for everyone to enjoy…I hope LOL.

Right now, I am taking a slight break…taking care of my Neopets, and going to go post on one of my boards that I have not posted on for months…wonder if they think I am dead?…and then, hopefully, get some more writing done this afternoon/evening.

Because I did write yesterday, even though it was not new work, my dreams were actually decent last night. Or they weren’t so awful that I actually don’t remember what I dreamed last night…I usually don’t like it when I don’t remember my dreams…but after the dreams I have been having…a night of not remembering was a relief. Man my dreams get quite disturbing if I go too long without writing. Just being creative does not cut it. I have to actually write to keep the disturbing dreams away.

So, off I go to play and then work…and in the meantime, here is something about two more of our pets…

The next pet was Sandy. A golden retriever/Collie mix. She was a large girl, but you could tell something was wrong with her when we adopted her. We figured we wouldn’t have her for long, and we didn’t…only a matter of two months I think. But we like to think they were two happy months. She had liver cancer.

Next is Nugget. He is a Smooth Collie…a Lassie-type collie, bred with a Golden Retriever. They have the “collie bone” and the intelligence and the coloring (most of the time) of the collie, but the short hair of the Golden Retriever. Nugget, well what do I say about Nugget? Other than he has severe co-dependency issues with my dad. If dad is where Nugget can’t get to, he will whine and cry and “yell” and bark until he is either convinced that dad won’t be coming back for him for a while, or until he gets tired enough to lay down and sleep. He will try to push mom out of the bed so that he can be in the bed with just him and dad. I think he would be in heaven if mom moved permanently to the couch LOL. We tease dad that Nugget is a) either a girlfriend from a past life, or b) that eventually Nugget is going to figure out a way to merge himself with dad.

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