Saturday, July 2, 2011

Run-away dream

before I describe the actual dream, a little background is needed…

for at least 21 years…at least since I was 13, maybe longer, I have dreamed of Ireland. The green rolling hills, the high cliffs with the crashing surf below, the small cottages, the people, and the castles. Mostly the cliffs and castles. In my dreams, a predominant castle ruin always featured. Close to the castle, was a cliff with the crashing surf below. About halfway down the cliff…in a position that is really hard to get to…there is a cave. And in this cave is something I am supposed to find. The dream details rarely change…the people change in it, the events change in it, but the castle, cliff, and cave never do change.

So, to go to the dream I had the other night. I told my family that I wanted to go visit my Adelfi…Sera Posthumus…in Washington, and that I wanted to make the trip alone. I did not let her know this…for one specific reason.

I booked my flight, but the flight was not booked to her location in Washington…instead I booked two separate flights…one to Chicago, where I continued my way to Ireland.

When I arrived in Chicago, I called my family and told them I had arrived safely at Adelfi’s, and that we were enjoying a wonderful time together. However, as you see, it was a lie. I boarded my flight to Ireland and when I finally arrived, I called again and said, “By the way, I am not in Washington, Sera did not know that I even said that I was going there…I am actually in Ireland and I will be home when I am home. I need to do the missi0n that I had been dreaming of for so long.” Of course, my family was not happy, but there was not much they could do for it.

As I started my search, I met some wonderful people who decided to help me in my search. they would guide me to potential locations. Finally I found it. (No, I still do not know in  my waking mind where it is) but I found it in the dream, and I entered the cave, where I found what I was searching for…which is what I have always believed it was…which is a beautiful antique ring that had belonged to me in at least one previous lifetime.

I was ecstatic. Finally I found my home. The ring was part of it, it told me where I belonged. Of course, I could not stay at that point. I had to fly home to explain myself to my family, and Sera, and arrange for everything to be sent to Ireland, where I moved and remained happier than I have ever been.

Of course, telling my family all of this was not easy, and they fought me every inch of the way, but then they realized that this is what I needed, and they finally gave their blessing.

The end of the dream was when I was flying back to Ireland and getting off the plane and gazing around and taking a deep breath.

Now, I told my family of this dream the next day, and they said “I can believe you would do something like that!” I cracked up laughing….cause I rarely do anything that is not predictable in behavior…they never know what I am going to say, but my behavior is always predictable. so them believing that I would sneak off to Ireland speaks for how much they know I want to go (and remain) in Ireland. Too bad I think I will never make it there…not with the way my health continues to go…but it will always remain my ultimate goal…that, and Greece LOL.

I love my crazy dreams…

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